The 10 Most Powerful Superfoods for Detox and Vitality

If you are feeling a little sluggish, you might want to consider doing a detox cleanse. Bloatedness, acne breakouts, and inflammation are other symptoms that might indicate you are in need of a cleanse. Perhaps you have over-indulged and want to get all of the toxins flushed out.

superfoodsThese 10 powerful Superfoods for detox and vitality will help you with this. And even if you do not feel the need to do a cleanse right now, including them in your diet, will have some incredible benefits for your overall health.



Nuts, in general, are a great addition to any diet, but almonds stand head and shoulders above the others when it comes to detox benefits. Make sure to grab a handful of these every day, and you will lower your risk for liver cancer.

In a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, researchers established that those who eat 15 almonds a day, reduced their risk of liver cancer by 40%.



avocado and guacamole Avocado has been recommended as a crucial ingredient to any well-balanced diet for years now, and nothing has changed recently. In fact, even more, has been learned of its health benefits. When used in guacamole, it becomes even more effective. Guacamole contains cilantro, which works with avocado to reduce the effects of irritable bowel syndrome.


White Tea

While any tea is great at settling your nerves, white tea is especially effective at attacking belly fat. This tea will boost lipolysis, which is the process of breaking down fat. To make it even more effective, it also blocks adipogenesis, which is the forming of fat cells.

This tea also contains EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate) caffeine, which means your fat cells are in for a tough time ahead.


Collard Greens

Collards have been a staple in Southern Cuisine for a long time, and with its incredible ability to flush excess cholesterol from your body, it is no wonder. Closely related to cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and kale, this leafy green contains sulfur-rich glucosinolates that aid detoxification. It is also a source of indole-3-carbinol which vastly reduces the risk of lung, breast and colon cancer.

Collard greens will reduce inflammation, cure digestive problems and can enhance your cardiovascular health.


tumeric superfoodTurmeric

One of the most potent natural antioxidants, turmeric’s active ingredient is curcumin, and it can help to reduce cellular inflammation and aid healing wounds. It also supports healthy joints, important liver & blood functions, and general well-being. This is reflected ultimately in smooth radiant skin.

A recent study also showed that turmeric can reduce the symptoms of the gastric ulcer, colon and breast cancer, hemorrhoids, cystic fibrosis, liver diseases, and arthritis.


Berries For Life

The health benefits of strawberries and blueberries have been widely acknowledged. These berries contain phytochemicals that fight disease, boost immunity, prevent cancer, prevent seasonal allergies and protect your heart. These are lower in sugar than other fruits, which makes them less likely to spike your insulin levels.

The high anthocyanin content lowers the risk of heart attack, while the anti-oxidants contained in blueberries protects you from aging.

Acai Berry is by far the post potent of all the berries. The tree it comes from is known as “The Tree Of Life”. These berries are so nutrient rich, they have 10 times more anti-oxidants than red grapes! And 20 – 30 times more anthocyanins than red wine!! They can be expensive, however you don’t need many to experience the ant-aging, overall well-being and energizing health benefits.



This spring vegetable contains glutathione, a powerful antioxidant, as well as amino acids and minerals. These work together to protect your liver against any toxins, while its diuretic properties will help to flush your system of all the bad stuff.

While this vegetable may make your pee smell strange, it is crammed with fiber, folate, iron, vitamins A, C, E and K. To top it off, it also works well as a hangover cure.


salmon with omega 3 fish oilWild Salmon

Plenty has been written about the health benefits of the Omega 3 fatty acids contained in wild salmon. But it also contains vitamin B12, vitamin D, and selenium. These ingredients work together to reduce inflammation and will boost your immune system preventing illness.

Don’t stress over if it’s wild or not, the farmed salmon can be just as good for you, without the higher price tag.

In addition to its excellent detoxification abilities, it will also prevent cell damage, keep your thyroid working well, increase your cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of depression.


Lemon Water

Lemons are crammed with nutrients and phytonutrients which are responsible for the antioxidant and antibiotic properties. Lemons and lemon water contain more pectin and citric acid than oranges, and these ingredients aid digestion by making food take longer to leave the stomach, as well as improving the process of breaking down the food.

Vitamin C is a well-known immune booster also found in lemons, and will help the detoxification process along by neutralizing free radicals, creating energy, and keeping your body safe from environmental toxins. On top of this, lemons will also aid the functions of your kidneys and liver, with some studies indicating that lemons also discourage the formation of kidney stones.


 tomatoes Tomatoes

Tomatoes are nutrient-packed, and contains a number of phytochemicals with an impressive list of health benefits. An excellent source of zeaxanthin and lutein vitamins, it also contains vitamins A, B, C and E.

The high concentration of lycopene in tomatoes not only gives it its red color but also acts as a carotenoid antioxidant which can greatly reduce your risk of stroke and cancer.



Include these 10 powerful superfoods into your diet, and you will be amazed at how good you feel. Not only will these flush toxins from your system, your overall health will improve. And with all the anti-inflammation properties in the foods listed here, your skin will be in its best condition ever.


Turbo-Charging Your Detox With An Infrared Sauna

far infrared sauna for healthWhile infrared saunas have been popular in alternative medicine for a number of years, it has now become part of many mainstream detoxification plans. Sweating helps your body to release toxins, including lead and mercury.

Dr. Brian Clement of the Hippocrates Health Institute believes that 17 micrograms of lead will decrease your IQ by 10 points.

When you spend time in an infrared sauna your body becomes become heated and this will increase the circulation to all blood vessels, both big and small.

You will also start to sweat, which your body will recognize as a great time to get rid of some toxins. The human body is smart enough to use any chance to get rid of toxins, and sweating is one of the most effective methods to do so.

With a personal home infrared sauna, your tissue is heated several inches deep, which increases circulation, oxygenates your tissue and enhances your natural metabolic processes.

And once your body gets used to the infrared heat, it will sweat more profusely than when in a traditional sauna. This allows you to get rid of all those toxins in a much shorter time frame.



By regularly consuming these 10 superfoods, and combining it with the regular use of an infrared sauna, your body will become a toxin-flushing machine. And you will feel better than ever!


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The 10 Most Powerful Superfoods for Detox and Vitality
The 10 Most Powerful Superfoods for Detox and Vitality
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