14 Natural Ways To Detox And Cleanse Your Body

We all know that detoxing and cleansing our bodies is imperative, but many feel they just don’t have time to fast or go through a long detox regime that takes up a whole weekend. So what if there were a different way to detox without the extreme version? What if we told you that with a few changes in habits, you could continuously detox your body? Does that sound like something more doable?

We may unknowingly be doing things that are adding to the toxins build-up in our bodies and not even realize it. A close look at our day to day routine will get us to our first line of scrutiny and evaluation. Stick with me; it won’t be hard, just some common sense stuff that will give you that ‘ah ha’ moment that changes lives.

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1. Water For Health

Yep, we all know water is essential, and you may think you are drinking enough water. But let’s make sure. Grabbing a glass here and there, or taking a sip from the water fountain when you pass by isn’t going to cut it. So a way we can be sure is to measure what we are drinking a day.

The best way we have found is to drink from the same container, all day. So in the morning take your favorite water bottle and fill it up with ice cold water. Adding a few fresh squeezes of lemon is refreshing and will help with detoxing and give you a little vitamin C to boot. Some containers have the infusion baskets which can be fun to experiment with by adding a few mottled strawberries and cucumbers, or anything else that keeps you interested in drinking more.

So, the next question, how much is enough? Well, the rule of thumb is to do the 8 x 8 rule, 8 ounces, 8 times a day. However, to get a detox effect drink about 90 ounces of water a day. That will be difficult to do in the beginning, but the amazing part about learning to drink water and hydrate our bodies is that your body will start telling you to drink, it will begin to crave water.

So start out slow, maybe try to drink 50 or 60 ounces the first day, and then up it from there. Find out or measure the size of the water container and how much it holds. The amount of water that each of us needs will depend on many variables like activities, size, and gender. So, it’s a good idea to ask your doctor the amount that your body needs, we are all different.

The average disposable drinking water bottle is around 16 ounces, so if your personal water container holds, let’s say, 25 ounces then know that the first day you will want to make sure that you drink at least two of them over the course of the day. That doesn’t sound so bad right? And yes ice does count as water so if you refill your ice before all your water is gone from the first fill, remember to count that in the total.

As a result, you will be running to the bathroom more often if you are not used to drinking this much. But that is the desired effect especially if you want to detox. Remember another rule of thumb is if your urine is clear, you are drinking enough and are adequately hydrated. Bright or dark yellow can mean that you might be dehydrated.

Try drinking filtered water, this will help in the detoxification process. And it tastes so good compared to water out the tap. It gets ride of all those nasty chemical they add to our water too.

So we promised to give you 15 ideas for easy yet powerful ways to detox. So let’s look at the next 14


2. Therapeutic Massage

Getting a massage on a regular basis is good for releasing toxins from the muscles and reducing stress. Make sure to drink water after every massage to flush out what the therapeutic massage has loosened up. This is the perfect time to take advantage of an in-home portable sauna or hydrotherapy in a hot steamy shower.


pink Epsom salts3. Try Epsom Salts

Yep, old-fashioned-been-around-forever- Epsom Salts. A hand full in a warm bath will actually pull toxins out of your body. It is known for helping with sore muscles or injuries, but now we have found yet another easy way to incorporate Epsom salts as a detoxifier. It is ideal for those with a painful Fibromyalgia flare up too!


4. Regular Sleep

No brainer right? We all know that sleep is necessary, but without it, our body in the short term feels groggy and less focused. However, in the long-term, we will weaken our immune system, and our body will begin to build up toxins because the body is not working properly and can’t eliminate them. So make a routine of getting proper sleep.


5. Eat Lots Of Fiber

Getting enough fiber is vital for assuring a regular detox inside and out! It may sound like your mom telling you to get more fiber, but the truth is, she was right. To detox, we have to purge our bodies of the toxins, and if enough fiber is not consumed, the toxins will stay in our bodies and begin to cause things like bloating and inflammation from built up toxins.


6. Find A Good Chiropractor

You may wonder what chiropractic has to to with detox, but it can play a vital role. If your body is out of adjustment, your entire system can be in a state of stagnation. What happens when we have a subluxation in our spine, our life energy is pinched off so to speak. When this occurs, a host of problems begins to happen like digestive issues, inflammation, and pain. When your body is in proper alignment, it will run efficiently and will naturally start to detox.

7. Gratitude Goes A Long Way

What does being grateful have to do with staying healthy and detoxing the body? A lot! By appreciating the positive in life, you begin to eliminate the negative energy and thoughts. Research is showing that our mindset can play a huge role in our overall health, both mentally and physically. Try keeping a gratitude journal, it takes only a few minutes a day to write down one word or a short sentence, it is also great to refer back to on those icky days. You will soon find you are more positive and feeling more alive.


8. Add Superfoods To Your Diet

Some foods are considered superfoods because they contain the right amounts of antioxidants, fiber, and even Omega 3s. So think dark colors like reds and greens, fruits and vegetables like kale, tomatoes, apples and strawberries. Then Omega 3 fatty acids are found in cold-water fish and healthy oils like avocado, olive, and flaxseeds. Include these in your diet as much as possible, and you will see and feel the difference.


9. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been a hidden ingredient in many products for decades. Lately, coconut oil has come into the spotlight on its own. Its benefits range from a gentle, natural cleanser and moisturizer to a healing oil for both inside and outside of the body. And by eliminating yet other unnatural, chemical products from your life, you get more detox benefits.


10. Sugar And Carbs

Limiting the amount of sugar and simple carbohydrates will do your body a world of good. Since neither of these is ‘made’ for our bodies, our body doesn’t know what to do with it, so it stores it as a toxin. So limiting them, we know it’s almost impossible to completely eliminate them all, will begin to cut back on these type of toxins. You may even have more energy!


11. Eat More Organic Food

Whenever possible try and choose the organic alternative. It may not seem like such a big change, but it will have long-term benefits and is worth the change in mindset. If you choose organic, you are opting to not use your body as the filter for pesticides and preservatives. Also, finding a local source for antibiotic and hormone free meat is a smart decision. Look for free-range eggs and poultry and grass fed beef.


12. Sauna For Detox Cleanse

Detox it out by the sweat! The benefits of having a sauna even once a week will aid in your overall health and speed along recoveries of the cold or flu. But, the long-term effect of regular saunas can add years to your life. Having a sauna in your home is the best way to sauna on a regular basis, and the easiest by far.


13. Hydrotherapy

Bringing similar yet more subtle benefits of a sauna is hydrotherapy. We are made of 60% water, so it is second nature to turn to some sort of water source for therapy. Breathing in the hot steam and feeling the water on your skin is very therapeutic. It opens ups sinuses, renews energy and gives you an overall feeling of well-being. Its added benefit is detoxing and cleaning the mind and body of tension and stress.


14. Hot Yoga, Tai Chi, and Qigong

Low impact exercises like Tai Chi, Gigong and Hot Yoga for the mind and body is recommended. They are the perfect combination to build strength, stamina, aid in pain relief, quiet the mind and complete your detox journey. With roots in the ancient orient, these types of exercises have been shown to provide health benefits for centuries.

Begin making changes to your eating and lifestyle today to avert any long-term health issue or disease for a healthy and happier tomorrow. One small change at a time will soon become a healthy habit for you and those around you. Start small and make these natural and healthy choices part of your everyday life.


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14 Natural Ways To Detox And Cleanse Your Body
14 Natural Ways To Detox And Cleanse Your Body
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