Does Drinking Filtered Water Really Improve Your Health?

With the proliferation filtered waters, whether it is in filter pitchers, water bottles with built-in filters, or stores that sell pre-filtered water, the question arises whether there really is any benefit to this kind of water? With the millions of dollars spent on filtering water every year, is it worth all this money spent?

filtered water pitcherIn this article, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons given for drinking filtered water and why it might add some benefits to either your health or your energy.


What Are The Basic Benefits Of Hydration?

Before we look at filtered water, in particular, let’s take a moment to look at the benefits to your health in general for drinking water. Maybe more than ever people are aware of the need to stay properly hydrated, but they do not always know why.

At the most foundational level, water is necessary for the body to function properly because the body is made up of anywhere from 60% to 70% of water. Water is essential in processes of digestion. Without the proper amount of water in the digestive system, it can contribute to things like constipation, urinary tract infections, or heartburn.

The proper amount of water is also necessary for hydrating your skin. Without proper hydration, the skin can become dry and flaky. It is also important for maintaining cholesterol and weight.

So, basic hydration is certainly important for healthy living. But does it need to be filtered?


Countering Pollution in Water

No doubt, if the water you are drinking is contaminated it must be filtered to remove the contaminants. This is a serious problem in areas of the world where pollution is an issue.

For example, if something like arsenic at high levels gets into water it can be absolutely deadly. But even low amounts can have long-term negative effects on your health, like increased risk of cancer.

Aluminum is another risk factor for some water supplies. With aluminum in the water supply, there is increased risk of skin problems, liver diseases, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s just to name a few.

Did you know that most water around the world contains fluoride, chlorine and arsenic especially in the U.S!!?

Will a water filter get rid of these kinds of toxins? It all depends on the grade of the filter. Most filters you find at the grocery store won’t be this powerful, but there are some high-grade water filters that are supplied through the camping industry that allow you to filter any water you find in rivers and lakes into safe drinking water.


drinking water from glassPurifying Minerals

One thing that simple filters will do is remove basic mineral impurities from tap water. But the great part about how these filters work is that they are not so powerful that they remove all natural minerals.

These minerals are necessary for a healthy body when they come in small amounts relative to the water consumed. And using a simple water filter is the cheapest and easiest way to remove simple impurities while leaving in all the good minerals the body needs to remain healthy.

However in saying this, there are premium water options for people who are more health conscious and want the purest water possible. These high quality filtered water pitchers and bottles for home use remove ALL the unhealthy toxic chemicals. And the bottles are great for traveling or camping!


Better Tasting

If you live in certain areas, especially certain cities or out in the country where you draw water from a well, the taste of water is not always the best. Filtering water can remove the bacteria that cause it to taste bad or sometimes even to smell. There are some areas where filtering water is a necessity for this reason. But even if there are no harmful bacteria most people prefer the taste of filtered water because it is clearer and somehow fresher.


Why Not Bottled Water?

Some people have come to filtering all their water now, even more so than buying bottled water. This is actually not a bad idea because what some people do not know is that some bottled water companies actually use municipal sources for their water. That’s a fancy way of saying that some bottled water is just tap water! It does pass safety standards, but if you live in certain areas, buying bottled water is really no different than just using tap water.


jug with filtered waterSo, How Much Filtered Water Is Good?

So, the question that always seems to come up under this topic is, “how much water should I drink?” We know drinking water is good for us, but there are conflicting reports on how much we should drink.

The flooding of the market with water bottles has made many people hyper-conscious about their water intake. In fact, in all likelihood, some people are probably over-hydrating these days. Just think about it, how much water did your grandparents drink when they were kids?


So, what’s the magic number? It seems to be somewhere between 6 to 8 glasses. Now, what many people tend to forget is that you can get your water intake through any liquid drinks. So, you can count your coffee, your tea, and your juices toward your 6 to 8 glasses.


Can Water Filtered Water Help Detox Your Body?

The straight up answer is yes! Obviously if your drinking tap water there’s not much change of getting ride of fluoride, heavy metals and other chemicals in your water. However most people these days are conscious of this and are using filtered water pitchers or specially made bottles, also called sports bottles. The resounding answer is, if you care about your families health or are looking to detox your body make sure your water is as clean as possible.

Are looking for great way to fully detox your system as well as drinking chemical free water?  We have reviewed 3 of the best infrared saunas that can help the process of detoxification much faster. Many people who use these saunas fell more energy, relaxation and a sense of vibrancy. The reason is simple, less chemicals and toxins in your body the better you feel. Both filtered water and the use of an infrared sauna can speed up your well-being.

So, does drinking filtered water improve your health? Well, drinking water certainly is necessary for your health. And if you are in an area where the quality of water might be questionable, the filtered water will keep you safe from contaminants. With portable water bottles that have filters built right into them, it has never been easier to get healthy, clean water to keep your body running well.


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Does Drinking Filtered Water Really Improve Your Health?
Does Drinking Filtered Water Really Improve Your Health?
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