5 Ways Infrared Saunas Help The Battle Against Cancer

Saunas and heat therapy have been a part of medical treatment and cultural life for hundreds of years across societies around the globe. The benefits of heat treatments were well-known to even some early ancient cultures where people would spend their time in hot-springs. What they did not know is that the reason these sauna experiences were so beneficial is due to the ability of the sauna to detoxify the body.


helping battle cancer naturallyNew Technology

With the advent of new technology, like the infrared sauna, sauna treatments have the capability of much wider use to treating ailments than just detoxifying the body. In fact, a growing body of research suggests that time spent in an infrared sauna can actually help in the fight against cancer.

Some of these ways are direct, but most are related to the general health benefits that come with using an infrared sauna regularly. And better health means the body is better able to fight cancer cells. So, how can regular time spent in one of these healthy saunas help with the battle against cancer?


1. Hyperthermia

The first thing to understand about far infrared saunas is that they work by using the electromagnetic spectrum to increase the body temperature directly but without also exposing the body to damaging ultraviolet light. It is the effect of increasing the body’s temperature that has such great consequences for the fight against cancer.

We’ve all probably heard of hypothermia – which is the state or condition of the body being at abnormally low temperatures. This happens when someone is exposed to extremely low temperatures like an icy lake. But the opposite condition is known as hyperthermia. This is the state or condition of the body being at abnormally high temperatures.

That’s, of course, is the point of the far infrared sauna: get the body’s temperature to increase beyond its normal state. Now, like hypothermia, hyperthermia can be damaging to the body, so it is important to follow all safety instructions when using a far infrared sauna. However, when the body’s temperature is increased, there are some great benefits to the fight against cancer.

The main direct benefit is that cancer cells are much weaker than normal cells. This means that they cannot withstand the higher temperatures like strong, healthy cells. This has the effect of killing or slowing the growth of cancer cells directly.

One study in the Journal of Cancer Science and Therapy found that far infrared therapy treatments reduced cancer cells up to 30% in mice and in vitro human cells. That’s a significant contribution to the overall fight against this terrible illness! By making the environment hostile to cancer cells you reduce the possibility that they will be able to thrive and spread throughout your body.


3 person infrared sauna2. Boosts Immunity

When cancer cells are weakened by the increased heat, this makes them primary targets for your own immune system. The heat acting on these cells damages the proteins which form a layer around all cells. These damaged proteins look different from healthy cells, and hence your own immune system will kick into gear by attacking the cancer cells.

Several studies, like those done at the Clifford Hospital Hyperthermia Center, have argued that regular hyperthermia can boost a body’s white blood cell counts to effective levels for improved ability to fight against diseases.


3. Reduces Obesity

Because of certain hormones and other factors related to fat cells, obesity is considered one of the risk factors for both cancer and deaths related to cancer, according to the American Institute for Cancer Research. Therefore, overweight patients are often prescribed diets and exercises in the fight against cancer.

Far infrared saunas have been put through several tests to examine their effectiveness for weight loss. One study published in the Canadian Journal of Diabetes found that regular, 30-minute sessions in a far infrared sauna could be effective in reducing weight.

This occurs because the body must work to regulate its own temperature. When exposed the body’s temperature is increased it must exert energy to cool itself down – through sweating primarily. This exerted energy can burn up to 500 calories depending on the temperature and time.

By reducing your body weight, your removing fat cells which are prime targets for cancer creation and growth. Not only this but reducing weight has numerous other health benefits as well.


cancer cells4. Detoxification

Perhaps the most common reason that people use a infrared sauna is the process of detoxification. This process helps eliminate harmful toxins through the sweat glands. These toxins can be anything from arsenic to mercury or from lead to copper.

Toxins get into the body in numerous, natural ways all the time, and the body is always working to clean itself from these harmful impurities.

By heating up the body and causing it to sweat, you are giving it another avenue to naturally eliminate these harmful materials that have no other way of exiting the body. And with these materials gone, the body’s internal organs are cleaner.

This reduces the chances of these impurities causing cancer and keeps the body from having to deal with impurities while it is also having to fight cancer cells. The bottom line here is: the healthier the body, the better it is able to fight any type of cancer.


5. Increased Blood Flow

Because the body must work hard to reduce its temperature, the heart must pump more blood through the body to accomplish this. The increased blood flow has numerous positive health benefits, including benefits to fighting cancer.

As the blood travels through the circulatory system, it delivers vital nutrients and antioxidants along with the oxygen. Cancer cells have been shown to do poorly in oxygen-rich environments, which is why they adversely affect those of low nutrition. By increasing the blood flow, you increase the amount of oxygen in the body’s system making it more difficult for these cells to thrive.

And the use of an infrared sauna to do this is perfect since many cancer patients cannot or are recommended not to exercise due to weakened body functions. These high technology saunas are a great way to increase blow flow without having to go on extensive runs or do strenuous exercise that might be harmful to the body.


While there is yet to be a cure for cancer, many treatments like those from a far infrared sauna have been found to be effective helping fight the battle. In addition to all these benefits, regular time spent in an infrared sauna is soothing and relaxing.

This may be just the thing your body and your mind needs during the stressful battle. Peace and quiet have some amazing effects on the mind and body that well beyond mere physical health. A far infrared sauna can also help in your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. And that can be a priceless ally in the fight against cancer.


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5 Ways Infrared Saunas Help The Battle Against Cancer
5 Ways Infrared Saunas Help The Battle Against Cancer
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