Are JNH Saunas The Most Popular? Our Review Of The Top 3

Perhaps you heard about the JNH sauna brand from a friend, or an advertisement on the internet. If you’ve considered whether these saunas are right for your situation or fit your budget, our ultimate buyers guide reviews will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision and find the right JNH Sauna to fit your needs at the best price.

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1. JNH Joyous 2 Person Sauna
2. JNH ENSI Model
3. JNH 3 Person Sauna

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#1 – JNH Joyous 2 Person Infrared Sauna


far infrared sauna for detoxification
JNH saunas are the highest rated saunas on the market today. This model, the “JNH Joyous” is our top selection, with over 890 reviews on Amazon.

In terms of performance, lifespan, amenities, and customer satisfaction, this model is one of the finest for the price – if not the best in the industry.


Main Features

The JNH Lifestyles 2-Person Infrared Sauna comes with all the features you look for in a sauna. It has 7 powerful carbon fiber far infrared heaters which provide a more consistent heat than mica or ceramic heaters. This gives your body an even sweat instead of concentrating the heat in just one area.

It is made of Canadian Hemlock that is FSC-certified wood and has zero chemicals. This ensures that as the wood heats up and cools down through a series of uses there are no dangerous pollutants that will be released into the air.

The dual wall insulation prevents the heat from escaping, saving energy, maximizing your sauna experience and the detoxification process.

JNH has included 2 high performance speakers and an AUX cable built into the sauna so that you can enjoy your favorite music. The digital controls make it easy to customize the temperature and program the sauna for just the right length of time for your session.

In terms of aesthetics, this sauna is elegant with its see through windows and door panel made of tempered glass. This give you the experience of a professional sauna right in your home.


The Power Unithome sauna

The “Joyous“ model draws 1540 watts of power on a 15-amp circuit so you can plug it right into a standard home wall outlet, no special wiring necessary.


Assembly Time

Although the manufacturer has included an assembly guide along with the unit, some users complain that they are not very easy to read. Pictures accompany the instructions to give you a visual aid to help with set-up.

The good thing is that assembly is not complicated. Even without a more comprehensive user’s manual, you will easily be able to get your sauna up and running in a little over an hour.

Upon receiving the item on your doorstep, you should expect to get three boxes on a pallet. There are 10 which are connected with a tongue-and-groove construction so that they fit together easily. Since there are latches included, putting the pieces together is a breeze. Screw the heating panels into the sides, and you will notice that the wiring runs neatly through holes (pre-drilled) and the electrical unit.

Assembly is simple enough that one person could handle the job, but because of its size, a second person is recommended.


Is This Sauna The One For You?

This product is perfect for couples or individuals who want to have a space-saving sauna in their home. In fact, this unit is small enough to fit in your master bathroom, basement or garage.

It comfortably fits 2 seated people inside. Also if you are health conscious and you want to feel relaxed while detoxing your body for more energy and well-being, then we recommend the JNH Joyous Sauna with Discount.



#2 – JNH 2 Person Sauna ENSI Collection


home sauna reviews


This model by JNH comes with many of the same features as the previous model but with added environmental features that might make it more desirable for those more concerned about EMF (Electromagnetic field) emission.


Main Features

Just like the previously reviewed product, this unit has 7 carbon fiber far infrared heaters, and is made of 100 percent Canadian Hemlock with dual layer for better insulation. Once again, this provides for wonderfully even heat and chemical free wood.

The main difference with ENSI model is its near 0 EMF emission. The reduced electromagnetic fields are as low as you can get with carbon fiber heaters, perfect for those concerned that these emissions might negatively effect them. You can be sure that this sauna is as safe as you can get with regard to these fields.

There are 2 speakers built in to the sauna along with an AUX cable for hooking up your favorite music player. Inside the unit you will also find nice LED lighting that lasts for years.

This sauna offers maximum visibility with its safety glass on the door and windows, and this material can withstand a high amount of heat. This gives the ENSI a more luxurious feel than some other models so that you can proudly display this sauna anywhere in your home.


Heating Capacity

The sauna can heat up to a maximum of 140 degrees. In fact, it does not take long before the unit gets hot since it is infrared heat. In a matter of 5 minutes while the unit heats up (about 100 degrees), you will feel the soothing effects on your body and muscles. Most people turn it on leave it for 10-15 minutes until it reaches their desired temperature.


Is It Easy To Assemble?

With tongue-and-groove design for the construction, the pieces fit perfectly for enhanced insulation and easy assembly. This type of construction also means there is no glue used in the structure, which eliminates your concern on chemicals getting into the unit while it is operated.

Unpacking should only take a few minutes and assembly is as easy as sliding each part together and latching it in place. Although just one person should be able to assemble the entire unit in an hour, it is more efficient to seek help from a friend.


Who Is This Sauna For?

This sauna is perfect for those concerned about EMF emission but still wanting high quality infrared heat. While this product is designed for 2 people, it can get somewhat cramped inside unless you and the other person are both of medium build. If you want to stretch, lie down and not rub against another person’s sweaty skin, then it is best to be used individually. If your interested we found that Amazon Offers the Best Prices with Free Shipping.



#3 – JNH 3 Person Infrared Sauna Canadian Hemlock Wood


3 person infrared sauna


A much bigger sauna than the other two featured products, this unit will fit 3 people inside while offering a good amount of heating for therapeutic purposes.


Main Features

Because this unit is designed for a larger capacity, it features 8 carbon fiber infrared heaters strategically placed for even heat distribution. You should find that there are no low heat areas anywhere inside the sauna.

Like other models, this unit comes with built-in speakers and AUX cable for your musical enjoyment.

The digital controls allow for maximum customization over heat and time so you can set the sauna for the perfect experience.


JNH Power

This sauna by JNH needs a 20 amp circuit, but plugs into a regular home outlet designed for 110v-120v. If you aren’t sure about your circuit breaker capacity, this is easily ascertained by any electrician or someone with general knowledge of home electrical functions. Basically, you won’t need any special wiring, but might need to make sure it is plugged into a circuit with the right capacity.


Assembly Time

Like all their saunas, JNH has designed this model to be easily assembled by a single person, but more effectively by two. Just slide the parts in with the tongue-and-grove guides and latch together. It’s as simple as that!


Who Is It For?

If you want plenty of room for an infrared sauna, this product is for you. The extra space capacity makes it perfect for three medium sized adults, a little cramped for three larger built adults, and more than spacious for 2 adults of any size! If you are looking for more room, high quality, and affordability, this model fits all those characteristics. Click Here for the JNH 3 Person Sauna at Amazon.



There you have it – three of the Best JNH Saunas in the market. These are perfect for anyone who’s looking for a way to detoxify and reap therapeutic benefits that these amazing infrared saunas offer. What’s more, these products are made of the finest Hemlock wood, packed with amazing amenities, and priced very reasonably. So, all you have to do is to check out these products today and purchase the best one that meets your needs and budget.

The health benefits that many users are experiencing range from relief from arthritis pain to even helping cancer patients. Most people have experienced a sauna of some type, weather it be steam or infrared. The latest technology available today makes it easy to experience the relaxation and healthy lifestyle benefits these 3 infrared saunas provide from the comfort of your home!

Are JNH Saunas The Most Popular? Our Review Of The Top 3
Are JNH Saunas The Most Popular? Our Review Of The Top 3
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