How To Look After Your Portable Inflatable Hot Tub

Congratulations you are the owner of a fun new inflatable hot tub! Know how do you keep it in good shape, so it will last you many seasons? Below we have pulled together a list of concerns, preventives, and ideas to give you many years of enjoyable and stress-free hot tub time.

One of the best things about inflatable hot tubs is that they are easy to care for and economical. An inflatable portable hot tub does not contain the significant amount of water that the permanent hot tubs do. To this fact, changing the water out is not a huge effort or is it a massive water bill at the end of the month.

Also, since you can change the small amount of water easily, no chemicals like chlorine are needed! This means no harsh feeling that dries out your skin and bleaches out your suit. With just a few common sense preventatives, you will extend the life and enjoyment of your inflatable hot tub.

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Keep It Covered

This is probably most important in keeping your water clean and the vinyl in excellent shape. Keeping the cover on the tub, most come with a cover but if yours did not the investment is well worth it, will save you both time and energy.

Keeping it covered will reduce the dust and debris from getting in the tub in the first place. This will cut down on the time it takes to skim out the water or wipe down the tub before getting in. The second perk to keeping it covered is to retain the heat and keep it from evaporating when you’re not in the tub. This will cut down on the times the heater has to come on to keep it at the right temperature and will reduce your electricity bill at the end of the month.

You may end up paying for your cover with the amount of electricity you save. If your cover is not insulated, consider attaching an aftermarket insulation type of product like styrofoam board. There are a few DIY videos that can offer up some ideas. Yet a final perk to a cover is that it will reduce the evaporation of the water, which is more than just water leaving the tub it will actually precipitate out the water leaving calcium like solids to clog the filter and eat away at the vinyl.


Empty It Out

Since your inflatable hot tub does not contain thousands of gallons of water, emptying it out, even once a week would not be a significant burden either physically or financially. One of the great benefits of your hot tub is the need for no chemicals, by changing the water on a regular basis the water stays clean and your hot tub remains in good condition.

Draining the water is as easy as turning the drain knob and flooding your grass or garden, with no chemicals to worry about. A good rule is if you are using the hot tub every day, changing the water once a week would be the best idea. Of course, if you use it less than you can extend the time to two or three weeks before changing out the water.

Always make sure that the hot tub breaker is off, and the thermostat is in the off position too. You don’t want the heater kicking on while there is no water in the tub or in the filtration system.


Filling It Back Up

While filling back up the tub, make sure you monitor it by setting a timer. We all get busy and distracted and sometimes out of sight means out of mind too. When the water level is past the water filter, stop the water, and turn the breaker back on and return the pump and all settings back to normal. At this point check the jets and adjust the air flow if necessary. Also, always keep a sharp eye out for any signs of leaks.


Keeping Your Inflatable Hot Tub Clean

So while your inflatable hot tub is empty, it is the perfect time to clean it too. Simply wipe down all the surfaces with a warm soapy soft cloth and rinse it out. You don’t have to use strong chemicals or scrub it out with abrasives since the tub is made of durable materials that will allow dirt to wipe right off.

Make sure that before you or anyone else gets in the tub, that they have showered. Oils, lotions, makeup and natural skin oils can eventually leave an oil slick to build up on the inside of the tub. There are also organic alternatives to keeping your hot tub clean.


Soften The Water

Some have found that by using softened water in their inflatable hot tubs that their filters do not need replacement as often and the levels of the water, ph is more stable. Also, the sanitizing solution, if you use one, will be required less frequently. Also, soft water does not leave the calcium line in the water because it has been removed from the water.

Besides, soft water just feels better, and you won’t have to clean it out as frequently. Make sure you test your hot tubs calcium level regularly.


Check The Filter

Keeping the filtration system clean is one of the most important parts of maintaining your inflatable hot tub. Change the filter or clean it out by following the manufacturer’s suggestions. Keeping the filter clean will reduce the strain on the motor and will save you energy too.


Do I Need A Base?

One of the most common questions is if a base is necessary for an inflatable hot tub. While having a base is not required, the one commonality with all inflatable hot tubs is their weight. It is very important to consider the weight of the water, the tub and the number of people that will be in the tub at any one time.



Gravel is an attractive option as a possible place to position an inflatable hot tub. Consider taking measures to ensure the gravel will not wash away, move or settle. Also, it must be able to properly drain and not pose a hazard as to puncture the bottom of the tub. A concern is tracking the gravel into the tub, a foot bath or shower may be a good idea to keep the gravel and dirt out.



Concrete is a sturdy foundation and can be found under many inflatable hot tubs, considerations are that the concrete is at least 6 inches thick and a layer of sand is put down first to protect the tub’s bottom and to stabilize it. A small enclosure that will contain the sand usually works well.


Prefabricated Bases

Available for purchase are prefabricated bases that lock together to form a strong base with the effective strength of concrete. These can be found at the hot tub retailers or online at similar sites. These are said to be more inexpensive than pouring a concrete pad for the tub.



May people like placing their inflatable hot tubs right on their decks. This can be a beautiful addition to your outdoor living space. Remember to consider if the deck will be strong enough to hold the tub when fully filled with water and people.

If you are not sure, it is worth the cost of a professional contractor to calculate the strength of the deck. It is not always if the deck will hold the weight it may also be the strength of the support beams below or the uprights. If they are not strong enough it could cause the deck to lean or collapse.



Although not strongly recommended, pavers are sometimes used for bases under hot tubs. However, pavers need to be perfectly flat so as not to cause strain on the tub. So pavers will still need to have a layer of cement on top of them, and the ground needs to be compacted underneath to bear the weight of the filled hot tub.


How To Look After Your Inflatable Hot Tub
How To Look After Your Inflatable Hot Tub
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