How Portable Infrared Saunas Can Improve Your Health & Well-Being

If you are here reading about portable infrared home saunas, you must have already heard about the amazing benefits. But you may not be aware of the difference in types of portable saunas. Before making such a purchase it is good to know the options and how each may meet your needs.

Portable means that you can enjoy it in the privacy of you own home. While saunas at health clubs are nice you may always have that little doubt in your mind about how sanitary they really are. And who wants to drive all the way home after a wonderfully relaxing session? Doesn’t a shower in the privacy of your own home and a short walk to your favorite chair or comfy bed sound much more appealing?


What Is FAR Infrared

Far-infrared or FIR is infrared energy that falls just beyond the red light waves in our light spectrum, think rainbow. It is around 80% of the total light from the sun’s spectrum (with no UV light). These rays of light provide healing powers from nature. The invisible energy waves penetrate all layers of our tissues, muscles, and bone. Instead of heating the air it actually heats your body directly making it not only a more effective method for saunas but much more comfortable than hot air or wet steam.

This method has been used by the Japanese for centuries to treat sunburns and give skin and body a healthy boost. Naturally occurring in nature, it is the actual heat from the sun without the danger of a harmful sunburn to your skin or body. With high infrared ‘light’ waves intensity, the body begins to feel healthier, conversely, without it the body begins to age more rapidly and deteriorate.


Is Infrared Safe?

Yes, it is as safe as sunlight, but without the harmful burning rays. Many popular documentaries and movies feature the use of infrared cameras (IR) to ‘see’ information that the human eye cannot. In fact, the use of the IR camera in the military has been used for decades. It is used to seek fluctuations in temperatures and when applied correctly can result in valuable information. This invisible wavelength is also called infrared light but it extends beyond the spectrum our eyes can see.

This light, when channeled into a focused source for heat brings many health benefits and pain relief. The Infrared penetrates the body safely with less stress on the skin and body than hot air or steam. This deep penetration is the most sought after therapy for those with chronic pain. Like arthritis, polymyalgia (PMR), lyme disease and all uncomfortable joint or back pain.


Why Is Tourmaline Crystal Important?

Tourmaline is a precious gemstone or otherwise known as crystals. Long before scientific studies, Tourmaline has been believed to have ‘magical’ powers. This beautiful stone was said to protect the wearer. But science has now shown that Tourmaline has the ability to generate electric charges and release negative ions as well as conduct far-infrared rays.

Tourmaline boosts the radiation in an electromagnetic infrared range of 4-14 microns of wavelength. What better stone to include in a far-infrared sauna? Tourmaline will boost the benefits of the infrared light while raising the negative ions, a very good side benefit.


What Are Negative Ions?

Negative ions are important for mood boosting and have many therapeutic benefits. In nature, negative ions are released after a thunderstorm and also by the action of the surf in the ocean. This causes a light hearted happy feeling. Negative ions promote oxygen to the brain and blood, increasing flow aiding in a natural detox of the body and natural mood lift.

Improving mood disorders without the side-effects of antidepressant drugs is a healthy alternative.



EMF Free Is Better?

EMF is Electromagnetic fields which can occur naturally but can also be created by non-natural sources such as electricity, microwave ovens, computers, WiFi, cell phones, MRIs and Bluetooth devices. These are examples of low-frequency EMF, High-frequency EMF is sourced from x-rays, Ultraviolet light (UV) and Gama rays.

There is no such thing as No EMF in any electrical device. All have a frequency of EMFs. It is safe to say some people have a hypersensitivity to EMFs and try to avoid it. So getting an infrared sauna that has little EMF is a wise decision. We have only found one on the market that has very low EMFs compared to any other brand. In fact it has less than you microwave oven an TV set. You can read our portable infrared sauna review here.


What Types Of Saunas Are Available?

There are basically two types of saunas for in-home saunas. One is a dry type and the other one is a wet type of heat. The dry sauna heats with infrared light waves or hot air and the wet ones have a device that produces steam within the unit. The dry types are better at saving energy because the heat is almost instant. The wet sauna heats up more slowly and may cause puddles to collect and are usually not as energy efficient as the dry types.

The other option in either type of portable sauna is having your head out of the unit or zipping your entire body into the unit. If a person is the least bit claustrophobic the option to have your head out and above the unit is the better choice.


Passive Cardio Workout

According to studies, circulation, blood pressure and a better metabolism are measurable results of a sauna. Called a passive cardio workout, it induces the same effects within your body as if you were participating in an intense cardio workout.

We all know the benefits of getting your heart rate up and the healthy effects it has on your body to maintain that elevated heart rate for a consistent amount of time and at regular intervals. It increases your blood flow, will have positive effects on those with blood pressure concerns and will boost the metabolism all increasing a natural detoxification. With a passive cardio workout, those with health issues, that would normally prevent a cardio workout can be enjoyed and on a regular basis.

When not hindered by pain caused by arthritis, fibromyalgia, swollen joints or other health issues, one can easily benefit on a regular basis from a passive cardio workout.


How Can An Infrared Sauna Improve Your Health?

  • Sleep better, insomnia and sleep apnea is improved
  • Immune system improves with the consistent detoxification of the sauna
  • Increased production of white blood cells that fight disease
  • Improves skin’s elasticity making skin look healthier and younger
  • Skin’s aging effects like wrinkles, acne, age spots, varicose veins and stretch marks improved
  • Deep sauna heat has been shown to increase white blood cells, killer T-cells and naturally produced interferon all known cancer fighters
  • Provides a passive cardio workout
  • Lose Weight
  • Those with fibromyalgia, arthritis and chronic pain report great results with continual use


Why Is Portable Better?

We can probably all admit that if it is easy, it is more likely to become a habit. What could be easier that walking a few feet to immerse yourself in the comfort of your own portable sauna? Gym saunas are available to anyone with a gym membership, but if you just don’t have the time to consistently take advantage of a sauna, or are a little squeamish of sharing a sauna with strangers, a portable sauna may work better for you and your family.

Experiencing the benefits of your own portable sauna, and sharing it with friends or family, so all can benefit from amazing results, may be enough to get you to try one in your own home. With easy returns and no hassle return shipping you have nothing but good health to gain.

How Portable Infrared Saunas Can Improve Your Health & Well-Being
How Portable Infrared Saunas Can Improve Your Health & Well-Being
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