How Portable Infrared Saunas Improve Your Health And Well-Being

According to the latest health studies, infrared saunas can provide pain relief levels surpassing opioid usage, and without the horrible side effects of addiction. So what is infrared and why is it the best pain reliever and health-boosting aid around?


In the following article, we will present information on how infrared works and why receiving it within an infrared sauna can honestly be one of the most important steps you can take regarding your health.

Pain sufferers turn to prescription drugs to ease the pain of many ailments and diseases. But why take these addictive and disabling drugs when all they do is mask the pain and only apply a ‘band-aid’ type of relief.

The primary intent of prescription pain relievers is to provide temporary relief of pain and other symptoms. A temporary relief to allow your body to heal on its own, yet so many tragically become addicted to pain relievers that do nothing to heal, and the process becomes cyclic with no permanent cure as the patient spirals into worse health complicated by the medication.


How Can A Portable Infrared Sauna Detox Your Body?

Sweating is one of the quickest and most efficient ways our body purges out toxins. Toxins are what is left in our bodies from many sources, one of them being an illness. Think of toxins as the ‘bone piles’ of war. While the body is healing and fighting the battles to keep us in good health, toxins are emitted, and it is of great importance to help our body completely rid them.

When toxins are allowed to stay in the body and are not expelled completely, serious results will begin to be evident in the form of sicknesses and diseases. One of the major causes of inflammation in the body is from the toxic buildup of harmful substances, poor eating habits, lack of exercise and most notably over-the-counter and prescription medicines and pain relievers.

By using an infrared sauna, the benefits of pain reducing infrared heat combined in a comfortable sauna is the perfect way to quickly sweat your way back to excellent health. Infrared itself is nothing new and is as old as the sun itself, but now we can quickly and most efficiently get these benefits from an easy to use personal infrared sauna.


What’s the Main Benefits Of Portable Infrared Sauna?

With so many benefits of an in-home, portable infrared sauna it may be difficult to narrow down the benefit to one main reason. You see, by having your own portable sauna you can use it in the comfort and privacy of your own home. The portable part means that you can set it up and break it down for easy storage at any time if you need to.

Convenience and ease of use is always an important part of using something regularly. No matter our best intentions, if it is hard to use or inconvenient to get to, we will begin letting excuses get in the way. Ever join a great gym that is just a little difficult to get to after or before work, and pretty soon you are paying for a gym membership and never getting to the gym?

So having this valuable health tool, right in your own home or apartment ready for you to easily use is half the battle when you start taking a sauna a few times a week.

Research finds that with regular use, which is 2 to 4 times a week, you will start to see rapid improvement in your health. The infrared heat will not feel hot to the skin, but you will begin to feel it deep in your muscles. While experiencing the deep soothing heat, you will notice your skin is starting to glisten, and a great detox begins happening to your body.

After your sauna, and since you are in the privacy of your home and not a health club or spa, you merely shower off and get ready for an exhilarating day or the best night’s sleep your body has experienced in a while.


What Is A Low EMF Infrared Portable Sauna?

This term, EMF has gotten much attention and is almost a household word now that the popular ghost hunting shows use EMF detectors to search for the presence of apparitions. EMF or Electro Magnetic Frequency is something that can be found in many places and for many reasons, however, continued exposure to high EMF can interfere with the body’s delicate balance and can prove to be harmful and have harmful side effects.

So why are we talking about EMF and infrared saunas? Well, not all infrared saunas are low EMF and probably the best rule of thumb and at first glance, and when looking to purchase a sauna watch for advertised low EMF emitting infrared saunas. The saunas that have the lowest EMF are the ones with Tourmaline. Tourmaline is an amazing semi-precious gemstone know for centuries of its almost magical powers.

In the scientific world, we now know the why of the benefits that Tourmaline provides. Chiefly, Tourmaline has the special conductive powers to not only emit negative ions but far infrared rays as well. So what does this mean for your portable infrared sauna? A sauna with Tourmaline will correctly conduct the infrared waves to your body but will reduce the EMF because it emits negative ions.

Negative ions are good for the body and for sleeping and calming, like the feeling we get after a gentle summer rain. Some people like to use pink salt lamps in the bedroom to get a great night’s sleep because the negative ions are emitted from heating up the salt lamp.


How Do Low EMF Saunas Help Circulation?

Low EMF Saunas help the circulation in the body due to a combination of the infrared and conduction by the Tourmaline. The powerful effects will aid in full body health recovery. A few of the documented effects are eliminating toxins, aids in losing fat in the body along with water retention.

Supports liver and kidney functions and can even help with depression.

If we stop to think about the root of all common pain and ailments, we will find that inflammation is at the very root of them all. This includes heart disease, arthritis, Fibromyalgia, asthma, joint pain, headaches, brain disorders and the list goes on. But let’s remember that our body’s way of fighting an injury is to cause inflammation, but if you help the body fight the cause of the inflammation, not the inflammation itself, you will be doing the best thing you can do to return to great health and heal the sensible way.

It just makes sense that since our bodies are an amazing symphony of muscles and tissue, and an intricate synergy of a system that self-heals and continued rejuvenation to keep the body in good health. You owe it to yourself to give your body the best shot at reclaiming vitality. Don’t fall for a ‘band-aid’ prescription to temporarily relieve pain and inflammation, give your body the jump start it needs to naturally heal itself, permanently.


What Is The Best Low EMF Portable Infrared Sauna?

In order to find the best low EMF portable sauna, we have to look for the important features in a sauna that we have discussed above. This was ease of use. If it is not easy to assemble and unassembled then it may be too much of a hassle to use regularly. And remember it is with regular use that we get the most and continued health benefits. Size is another factor, what is the assembled size and where can you easily keep it assembled or store it?

The next is to make sure that the sauna has Tourmaline that not only acts as a booster to the far infrared waves but reduces the EMF. Low EMF is preferable to high EMF. If it does not say low EMF, don’t presume that it is low and also note the amount that is claimed to emit and compare to the other models on your list.

Some other options to consider is does it comes with a chair to sit on. Will this be comfortable to site and relax on. Something that we didn’t think about until we owned one is the optional pockets on the outside to hold a remote, book, tablet or cell phone. And essential for us was the ability to stick our arms out through special ports to use the above-mentioned items while in the portable sauna. If you tend to be a bit claustrophobic, then the arm ports are a must.

So after our research and trying these saunas, we came up with the top 3 low EMF portable infrared saunas. We hope that our research and recommendations will help you choose which portable sauna best suits your needs and budget.

How Portable Infrared Saunas Improve Your Health And Well-Being
How Portable Infrared Saunas Improve Your Health And Well-Being
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