Whats Wrong With Our Tap Water? Is It Safe To Drink?

With the national press coming out of Flint, Michigan and the serious contamination of the that city’s municipal tap water which has been rendered poisonous and undrinkable for years, many people are starting to question the safety of the tap water in their own city.

boy drinking tap waterMost people have grown up drinking from their tap water unquestioningly. But with the billions of dollars spent on bottled water and water filters every year, it shows that people are becoming less trusting of their tap water.

But should we be so skeptical of our tap water? Is tap water really unsafe?

In this article, we will take a look at one of the big reasons that people are seriously beginning to question their tap water: fluoridation.

As early as the 1940s, cities in the United States began adding fluoride to the water supply as a way to fight cavities in teeth. Only five countries in Europe fluoridate their water and so most western European countries do not add fluoride to their water.

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral, so some water supplies naturally have higher concentrations than others. In places like China and India, their water already has fluoride in it, but these countries actually treat their water to remove the fluoride!

So why is fluoride so hotly contested? Why is it that most countries do not fluoridate their water and others actually remove it? Is fluoride safe in our tap water?

Fluoride May Be Damaging To The Brain

Several studies have shown that fluoride, rather than being beneficial to health, may actually be quite damaging! According to the EPA itself, fluoride is listed along with 100 other chemicals which have clear evidence of causing neurotoxicity. And “neurotoxicity” is a medical term meaning “toxic to the brain”.

Other studies have used animals to experiment on the effects of fluoride on their brains and found that it had severely negative effects on both their ability to learn and their standard behavior. Doses as low as 1 part per million of fluoride in rats were shown to increase the uptake in the brain of aluminum in addition to deposits associated with causes linked to Alzheimer’s.


water pouring into glassFluoridation Has Been Linked To Lower IQ Levels

This may sound like an outrageous claim. How could the presence of fluoride in water ever be shown to be related to IQ (or intelligence) levels? But there are two important things to consider.

First, the studies in our previous section related to negative effects on the brain.

Second, there are now 50 independent studies from multiple countries that all have the same conclusion.

In a groundbreaking publication from Harvard, researchers conducted a meta-analysis of 27 different studies investigating the effects of fluoride on intelligence. What they found was that 26/27 of the studies validly demonstrated a direct relationship between lower IQ levels and a higher level of fluoride. The study concluded that this relationship was seriously detrimental especially to children who still had developing brains.

Given the credibility of the Harvard study, we cannot dismiss the negative effective of fluoridation as “fringe science.”


Fluoridate Negatively Affects the Pineal Gland and the Thyroid

Several studies have gone further in discovering how the neurotoxicity of fluoride affects different parts of the brain. Two important brain areas have been shown to be seriously negatively affected by levels of fluoride.

The pineal gland is a part of the brain which regulates the production of melatonin (a hormone linked to sleeping) and is critical for regulating puberty. One study found that increased levels of fluoride in the pineal gland were linked to early puberty, especially in girls. And the disruption of melatonin can also be linked to problems with sleep cycles.

Other studies have found that increased levels of fluoride had negative effects on the thyroid, which regulates growth. These effects were linked primarily to hypothyroidism—that is, an overactive thyroid.

Hypothyroidism has been linked to such conditions as weight gain, heart disease, fatigue, and depression. In fact, the relationship between the thyroid and fluoride has been known for many years. Doctors in the mid-1900s used to prescribe fluoride for people who had an underactive thyroid. So, if you have a normally functioning thyroid, adding fluoride can cause you to have hypothyroidism.


Fluoride Doesn’t Even Help Teeth

The main reason given for adding fluoride to the water supply was to help reduce cavities. There are some studies which show that fluoride might help in teeth health. However, this is only when applied topically. That means, for fluoride to have any real benefit to the teeth, it has to be applied directly to teeth. But adding it to the water supply dilutes the fluoride and you only ingest it orally. Therefore, it has no added benefits for cavities. And studies have shown that there is no reduction of cavities in communities which fluoridate their water versus one’s who do not.


How to Protect Yourself from Fluoride

So what can be done? If you know for a fact that your city is adding fluoride to your water, you need to find a way to get it out of your water. But even if your city is not fluoridating your water, fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that can be found in many water sources.

far infrared sauna for healthTo remove fluoride you will need a strong water filter. Many typical consumer filters are not powerful enough to remove fluoride. But there are several companies which make filters that can, in fact, remove fluoride. You will need to check the individual filter to see if it can remove fluoride.

There are plenty of quality filters that will thoroughly clean your tap water and ensure that you will have clean, healthy water every time.

If you are concerned about the fluoride you have already taken into your body, there are a number of other things you can take to flush your system. However, you might consider a simple detox with a far infrared sauna. These dry saunas are perfect for generating a good sweat through which toxins like fluoride are removed from your system. A healthy routine for well-being should include regular time detoxifying your body through both what you eat and how you purge your system through an infrared sauna.


For all these reasons, you should seriously consider the safety of the water coming out of your tap. Municipalities have to disclose all additives in their water. So, you can easily find out if your water if fluoridated. You might consider that there are many reasons to filter your water and protect yourself and your family from the harmful effects.

There are many other reasons to filter your water, but fluoridation is a powerful reason to clean your water and remove the chances that you will be negatively affected by this mineral.


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Whats Wrong With Our Tap Water? Is It Safe To Drink?
Whats Wrong With Our Tap Water? Is It Safe To Drink?
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