How Portable Infrared Saunas Improve Your Health And Well-Being

According to the latest health studies, infrared saunas can provide pain relief levels surpassing opioid usage, and without the horrible side effects of addiction. So what is infrared and why is it … [Read more...]

Is Tap Water Ok? Or Should You Consider Drink Filtered Water?

Just stating the fact that tap water is ok for you to drink can depend on many things. Where you live, what laws are in place for public water treatments, and even what kind of water pipes bring you … [Read more...]

Why Is Filtered Water Better For Our Health Than Bottled Water?

Have you heard the expression don't use your body as a water filter and wondered if it was true? Is it true that water can contain harmful contaminants that can cause health problems? If so what kind … [Read more...]

How Does The Coleman Portable Hot Tub System Work?

The Coleman name is recognized around the world. It has represented fun, reliability, and convenience for over 100 years. It is the first name you think of in camping and outdoor recreation equipment. … [Read more...]

How Do The Heating Panels Work In A Portable Infrared Sauna?

The unique heating panels for a portable infrared sauna are designed for optimal comfort, ease of setting up and use, and energy efficiency. Just as effective as a full-size sauna, these panels heat … [Read more...]

What Are The Facts About Far Infrared Heat Or FIR?

What is Far Infrared, or FIR? It is a type of electromagnetic radiation found in the infrared spectrum of light. However, it is not in the visible wavelengths of light. The electromagnetic radiation … [Read more...]

The Control Panel Features On The Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub

The control panel features an easy to use display, with a lock button that keeps little fingers or big elbows from resetting or changing the settings. Not that there are a lot of settings on the … [Read more...]

Are Soft Inflatable Hot Tubs Better Than Hard Hot Tubs?

If you have been caught up in the recent popular craze of having your own hot tub in your backyard or home, then no doubt you have asked yourself this important question. Which is; Should I buy a soft … [Read more...]

The Pros And Cons Of Inflatable Portable Hot Tubs

Thinking about purchasing a portable hot tub? Let's look at some of the pros and cons first. You are probably at the point we were about a year ago and searching for the perfect hot tub. You want a … [Read more...]

Why Are Portable Infrared Saunas Better Than Other Saunas?

A portable Infrared Sauna is simply better because it is an investment in your health. What better way to invest in your health on a consistent basis, but to have a sauna right in your own home. … [Read more...]

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