Portable Infrared Saunas For Detox & Health – Top 3 Reviewed

Our experience with Portable Infrared Saunas told us which models work at the best price for detox, energy and weight loss. Are you wanting to improve your health or maybe relax after a stressful day at work?

Low EMF portable saunas are becoming one of the most popular options for those wanting all the health benefits of a sauna without going to expensive spas or gyms.


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1. Comparing The 3 Best Portable Infrared Saunas
2. #1 – Durherm Portable Infrared Sauna
3. #2 – Radiant Portable Rejuvenator
4. #3 – Serene Life Infrared Portable Sauna
5. What Are Other Health Benefits Of These Saunas?
6. Can A Low EMF Portable Sauna Help Arthritis?
7. The Convenience Of These Portable Saunas
8. What Are The Cost Savings?
9. Are These Infrared Portable Saunas Safe?
10. Tips And Advice
11. Final Conclusion









For those of you who have time to read our detailed full reviews of the top 3 portable infrared saunas you will find some valuable information below.

Comparing The 3 Best Low EMF Portable Infrared Saunas



1 - Durherm

2 - Radiant

3 - Serene Life

3 Carbon Fiber Heating Panels
Max Infrared Heat 150 degrees
Remote Control
Folding Chair
Heated Foot Pad
Panels Made Of Tourmaline Crystals For Negative Ion Detox
Hi Tech Insulation
New Antibacterial Technology
Washable Neck Collars
Reaches Maximum Heat


Powerful Health FeatureThis “Durherm” model is our #1 recommendation for people who are serious about their health and well-being. The heating panels have Tourmaline Crystals added to them, using it’s crystals for healing, detoxification, more energy and increased circulation.

From our experience using this sauna, it delivers the ultimate in purifying and cleansing the body. The energy released by the 7 different colored crystals helps balance out your energy system.

Detoxifying the body from the inside out is an important part of staying healthy, energized and gives you a sense of vitality in your daily life.

Infrared heat combined with the semi-precious mineral Tourmaline, is the fastest way to eliminate those nasty toxins that all of us are exposed to everyday.

After 2 weeks of using the Durherm” premium model at 1 session a day for around 30 minutes, there was a noticeable difference in our energy, relaxation, sense of well-being and weight loss.

We tested the top 3 infrared portable saunas with low EMF. They are excellent for those not wanting the larger furniture style home saunas which are much bigger and more expensive.

If you’re looking for a portable sauna for healthier living, or relief from physical pain, then our reviews and advice below will help you choose the best infrared sauna to fit your life style.


#1 – Durherm XL Portable Infrared Sauna + Negative Ion Detox

portable sauna
This model made by “Durherm” tops our list for many reasons. The extra features, health benefits and the technology that has gone into this portable sauna is why we recommend it over the other two.

From our personal experience this model is superior in all areas, especially if you want to detox and cleanse your body through sweating, and to ultimately relax more by balancing the level of cortisol your body produces. Cortisol is your body’s main stress hormone. The infrared heat this portable sauna releases will help to relax your muscles, and relieve stress throughout your body.


Main Features

This top of the range sauna uses Far Infrared Technology, also known as “FIR” (short for Far Infrared)

Its design is both simple and elegant. Set up involves nothing more than unfolding the heating box and inserting the ultra thin carbon fiber infrared heaters.

This sauna is the only portable infrared sauna on the market that uses Tourmaline, a semi-precious crystal that releases powerful healing abilities and extra detox benefits. This is explained in more depth below.

Out of the 3 saunas we reviewed this model has superior insulation resulting in an excellent detox and also saving you money in energy costs. Just attach the power supply to the control box and you are ready for a great healthy sweat and detox.

The opening for your head and hands make it easy to read a book and control the heat while it’s in use. It has 2 soft washable neck collars for extra comfort that can be cleaned. They zip off and on so you can also easily wash them.

The hand openings also allow you to easily access the hand-held controller. With the controller, you are able to control the temperature or set a timer so that you can have the perfect experience every time.

It comes with a canvas folding chair so you can comfortably sit inside the sauna or you can sit on the floor if you prefer.


How Does Infrared Technology Work?

This far infrared portable sauna uses “Far Infrared” or “FIR” technology which works by transmitting safe infrared waves.

This allows the sauna to heat up your body directly and much more effectively than a steam sauna. You feel the benefits of this FIR technology almost immediately.

This model uses carbon fiber heaters to transmit the Far Infrared heat. Carbon fiber heaters are far superior than ceramic heaters for several reasons. First, they heat up much faster and last almost twice as long. So you won’t have to buy new heaters during the life of your sauna.

Secondly, they are flexible and much less likely to break. This is especially good for portable models since you will likely take them down and move them frequently.

Thirdly, this model provides for an even heat distribution so your whole body is heated evenly. And the small, enclosed space means you will heat up much more quickly too.

Fourthly, it does not require nearly as much power. This too helps with the overall cost of operating a portable sauna.


inside the Durherm personal home sauna



What Makes The Durherm Sauna Better Than The Rest?

The Durherm designers and engineers took 6 months to produce this technology. They found a way to generate heat waves that actually emit negative ions and infrared heat faster than any other portable sauna. This means the positive effects of this sauna are boosted for added benefits.

How did they do this?

They created ultra thin panels and incorporated into each panel Tourmaline, a semi-precious mineral known for its ability to help in the process of eliminating toxins.

This innovative technology also means that this portable sauna will heat up in a much shorter time than the other 2 models we reviewed, which will save you money in the overall cost of operation. This is one of the reasons this model is more expensive.

The panels release negative ions which have been linked by experts to help with biochemical reactions in the brain. This creates much more “positive feelings” and aids in relaxation. Using this sauna is like having your own negative ion emitter which many people like to keep on their desks.

There are many extra features included with this top of the range infrared sauna. The one that stands out is the way the engineers and designers have incorporated the powerful Tourmaline Crystal into the ultra-thin carbon fiber heating panels. As we have discussed previously this semi-precious mineral has the powerful ability to assist in the detoxification and cleansing process of the body.


What Are The Benefits Of The Tourmaline Crystal Used In This Portable Infrared Sauna?

tourmaline semi-precious mineral

  • Tourmaline Crystals help emit more FAR infrared wavelength, this electromagnetic heat boosts your immune system and the ability for your body to cleanse and heal itself
  • It has the ability to generate an electric charge and release negative ions
  • It effectively supports weight loss
  • The FAR infrared rays are absorbed deeper into your tissues which helps to relieve stress, stimulate circulation, increase alertness and boost your immune system
  • Promotes healthy mood and relaxation

tourmaline for cleansing

  • Professional athletes reported after using green Tourmaline that it improved their performance, recovery and mental focus
  • It is well known as the balancing Crystal Gemstone, which purifies and cleanses both mind and body
  • It comes in many colors and the most powerful ones used in this Durherm model are black, pink, green and watermelon
  • Green Tourmaline strengthens your compassion and life force


Health Benefits And Extra Features Of The Durherm Portable Sauna

  • Great for detox cleanse using infrared heat and hi-tech insulation
  • Uses FIR heat technology, this wavelength is the most beneficial heat for human health
  • The semi-precious mineral Tourmaline helps the negative ions and infrared heat work faster and better to eliminate toxins
  • Helps release harmful toxins from your body, like lead, mercury and other environmental chemicals which we breathe in every day
  • Very short waiting time to reach maximum heat
  • Promotes increased blood circulation
  • Uses negative ion technology
  • 30 minutes in one of these saunas is equivalent to 10-15 minutes jogging
  • You can read, listen to music or watch TV as your head and hands extend out through the sauna
  • Master control unit with a handheld heating controller and timer (1-6 levels)
  • Foam floor pad for extra comfort
  • Cushion zipper for arms and neck for more comfort and relaxation


Is This Portable Sauna Safe?

If you are concerned about the safety of infrared waves, this model is ETL checked for low and safe levels of EMFs (electric and magnetic fields). ETL is offered by ETL Testing Laboratories.

This company independently tests and verifies the safety of electronic products. When a product is tested by ETL, you know that it is safe to use and that this safety has been verified by professionals who are not working for the manufacturer.

An interesting fact is if you stand near your kitchen’s microwave oven there are more EMF’s emitted than most portable infrared saunas.


What Customers Are Saying On Amazon

A lot of customers were very happy with this unit, with a majority of them giving this product 5 out of 5 stars. Many customers commented on how easy the sauna was to set up and use.

There were also many positive comments on how this sauna helped customers with joint and back pain and how fast the sauna heats up. Customers were very happy about the low EMF emissions and the amazing detox they received when using this unit.

Quite a number of people commented on how this sauna was actually good value for money as well. In fact, the only negative comments we could find were ones which mentioned that the included canvas chair was a little uncomfortable. This is easily solved by using a cushion.

All in all, this top of the range portable sauna received excellent reviews with many people recommending it to others.



People who like to lead a healthy lifestyle usually include some form of detoxification and cleansing into their daily routine.

It’s great for relaxing the body and mind after a busy day at work. It also has many other health benefits we have mentioned above. The primary one is the fact that Durherms engineers incorporated the powerful Tourmaline Crystals into their sauna.

The price is more expensive than the two we review below. However you get what you pay for and the innovation that’s been developed in this sauna delivers the highest health and wellness benefits which people are looking for.

If you are interested in a higher-end model that uses the latest technology, this Durherm model here with Free Shipping is the one that we recommend as the top of the range portable infrared sauna at Amazon.


#2 – Radiant Saunas Portable Rejuvenator

Radiant one person sauna


If you are on a tight budget and are not looking for a sauna that will give you the ultimate detox and extra features we recommend you go with this model.

Radiant Portable Infrared Sauna For Weight Loss & Relaxation (video)



Main Features

This model also uses Far Infrared (FIR Technology). It features a compact and sleek design that is sure to fit in a home gym or anywhere you need a good sweat for detox and relaxation. (see other health benefits below)

Featuring a dual-lined opening for your head and comfortable outer access through the arm openings, this sauna will be comfortable and cozy while you enjoy all the benefits of its infrared technology.

The heating box is composed of a satin polyester that is both smooth to the touch and durable. This means that you will be able to get many years of usage without it wearing down.

The unit is also well insulated to reduce the amount of heat that escapes the sauna.

It also comes with an Oxford canvas folding chair to give you a comfortable seat while you enjoy the infrared heat.

The frame is composed of real Beech hardwood dowels to give you superior support and easy set-up.

The carbon fiber heaters will heat up to temperatures as high as 150 degrees Fahrenheit. It also comes with 5 predetermined settings for easy use.

This lower end model, price wise is a good portable sauna. However you do get what you pay for. If you want a sauna that gives the best detox and other health benefits we recommend you take a look at the top of the range “Durherm” model above.

This unit is also safe and has low levels of EMFs. Actually your personal computer has more EMF’s than a sauna that is heated by infrared technology.


What Customers Are Saying

This Radiant Sauna received a lot of positive reviews, with many customers saying that they were very happy with their purchase and that it worked extremely well. Many commented that it’s a good idea to preheat the sauna before getting into it as it does take about 20 minutes to heat up.

There were also quite a few customers who were suffering from Lyme disease, Fibromyalgia and arthritis and they all agreed that this sauna really helped them to manage their disease.

Customers liked the fact that the sauna was easy to set up and could also be easily dismantled for storage.



This model is excellent if your price range is lower. It doesn’t have all the extra features the Durherm model has. The heating capabilities with this model here by Radiant Saunas plus Free Shipping will give you all the functionality and performance for a relaxing and healthy 30 minute session.


#3 – Serene Life Far Portable Infrared Sauna


portable sauna low emf

This is another good option for a portable far infrared sauna which uses Far Infrared (FIR) technology.

It is a little more expensive than our #2 recommendation above by “Radiant Saunas”.


Main Features

It is approximately 3 feet tall, 2 ½ feet long, and 2 feet wide. This makes it tremendously compact, so you could leave it up without having to dismantle it and having to store it away. This is ideal if you don’t mind having it out in your workout room or spare bedroom.

This model also comes with a folding chair that you can set up in the heating box to give you a comfortable seat. The top of the heater box comes with a zipper-secured opening for your head to stick out of. It also has hand openings on the front. This means can easily read a book or magazine while you enjoy your new sauna.

A cover can be placed over the neck opening if you would like to be completely surrounded by the sauna. This is a great option for those who like to sit on the floor instead of the chair (If you do so, you should sit on a towel to keep the floor of the sauna clean). This makes it great for meditation, prayer, or just enjoying some music while you sweat.

This brand and model also has low levels of EMFs.


What Are Customers Saying?

Of the many reviews that we read, most customers were extremely happy with this sauna. Comments like “I love this sauna”, “It works perfectly” and “Relaxing” were common among customers.

Most people were happy with how easy this unit was to set up and how they could leave it set up due to its compact size.

As is the case with most reviews, we did read some negative comments which were mainly about the front of the sauna not heating up as there are no heating elements in the front. This has not however, hindered a lot of satisfied customers from raising a good sweat while in the sauna.

Customers also found the extra large space of the unit an excellent size, not to small and not to big for their body size. The general feedback was that most people said that they were perfectly comfortable inside the sauna.


portable sauna



This sauna delivers what most people look for in a personal home infrared sauna, which is mainly detoxification cleansing and relaxation. The design is compact which makes it easy to store between uses. We recommend the “Serene Life Infrared Portable Sauna” as our 3rd choice, it’s this Model here at Amazon with Free Shipping options.


Why Use A Portable Sauna?

There are many good reasons you should consider using a portable home sauna. Of course, different people have different reasons, and the results of using one can vary from person to person. Below are three reasons you should consider using a portable infrared sauna.


What Are Other Health Benefits Of These Portable Infrared Saunas?

The 3 main reasons most people use a sauna is the benefits it has on their health, energy and relaxation: both physical and emotional.

Time spent in a sauna is deeply relaxing. It is private, quiet, and the perfect place to just sit back and unwind. After several sessions in a portable sauna a week, you may find yourself becoming a whole new person.

Saunas also relax your body along with your mind. The infrared heat warms up your muscles and joints which cause them to release nutrients into the tissue. This is why your body always feels so good after a hearty sweat in the sauna.

Are you athletic and looking for a way to recover more quickly from your endurance and strength training? This study tested 10 physically active males, the results from just one 30 minute infrared sauna session gave them significant recovery benefits.

Perhaps the main “health benefit” that most people seek is the release and flushing out of toxins through the sweating process. This is why they are so popular among people who are recovering from drug addiction. The detoxifying effects are a good way to clear the body of pollutants.


Arthritis Sufferers Feel Joint Improvements Long Term

Saunas can also help with recovery from physical injuries. With the increased blood flow to all parts of the body come healing benefits that help repair muscle mass.

This is also why a portable home sauna can be a good way to relieve joint and back pain. Studies have shown long and short term benefits for people suffering from arthritis, with patients experiencing improvements within 4 weeks of treatment.

One of the main reasons people buy these saunas is to help them lose weight. The sweating process is actually the body attempting to cool itself. The process requires energy and using the body’s energy to cool burns calories. How much you lose will vary depending on a number of factors.

Make sure you drink plenty of water during your session, at least 1 glass every 20 minutes is a good guide. Another good tip to completely detox your system is rub yourself down with a towel or even better, a soft bristled brush after your session. A quick shower is also highly recommended to totally wash away any toxins left on your skin.


The Top 3 Portable Saunas For Health And Well-Being

the Durherm brand


The Convenience Of A Portable Infrared Sauna

Another great benefit of a far infrared portable sauna is the tremendous convenience they offer. You can literally take them anywhere. Move them easily around your home, upstairs or downstairs, take them outside, or even take them with you on vacation!

When not using your personal sauna, it can fold up easily so it can be stored in a closet, under a couch, or in a spare room.

And when you want to use it, set up and take down is an easy task. It takes less than 5 minutes for the average person to open up their portable sauna and set it up to use. And you don’t have to have any special wiring either. Portable saunas plug right into your existing power outlets.

It has never been easier to get all the benefits of an infrared sauna without all the health club fees.


What Are The Cost Savings

The last major reason you should consider a portable infrared sauna is the cost savings. There are two main ways these 3 models we recommend will save you money.

Firstly, they are initially less expensive than the big wooden saunas we have all seen or used at the gym.

Secondly, because of their compact nature, they do not require as much energy to heat up your body. This saves you money on electricity bills and is good for the environment.


Are Portable Saunas Safe?

Some portable saunas use infrared heat to produce the sweating effects. This infrared heat is the same type that is emitted from the sun, but without the UV radiation.

Most people are concerned with the levels of EMFs (Electro Magnetic-fields) that saunas produce. Obviously the heat is safer than the sun because infrared sauna heat has no UV (Ultraviolet) rays.

While companies usually do not publish EMF ratings, testing has shown that the level of EMFs produced by a typical portable sauna is no different than that produced by your computer’s monitor.

Some companies claim to be completely EMF free, but it is likely that some EMF is transmitted no matter what. These companies consider their levels to be so low as to be “EMF free.”

So we can say with confidence that, yes, these portable saunas are safe.


What Are Some Tips For Using A Portable Sauna?

Some people may find it is difficult for their body to work up a good sweat with just the sauna. So, if you are able to, doing a quick workout to build up your sweat naturally can make it easier for the sauna to do its work.

If you have trouble doing sufficient exercise to build up a sweat, then a nice hot shower can accomplish much of the same goal. It can increase your body’s temperature and get you sweating without you having to do much work.

Even if you do not need to take an extra step in helping your body work up a sweat, you will want to make sure you take a good shower after. One of the major benefits is that saunas help your body release toxins via sweating. Those toxins are now on your skin/sweat and you’ll want to wash them away. A quick shower after is what we recommend.

This also leads to a related tip: you should consider sitting on a towel in your portable sauna, even if you are not using it nude (and especially if you are!). The towel will absorb a good portion of your sweat and keep it from damaging your portable sauna.

Our next tip is an important one: STAY HYDRATED. As logical as this may seem, a lot of people forget to compensate for all the water that their body is losing through sweating. You need to make sure you hydrate well before and after you use your portable sauna.

Related to this is the notion that, along with the bad toxins that are exiting your body through sweat, there are also some good nutrients that are leaving too. You should consider taking a multi-vitamin supplement to compensate for the nutrients your body is excreting. Along with vitamins, you might also consider taking an organic salt tablet (sweat contains a lot of salt).

As always, you should check with your physician regarding these supplements. Do not try to experiment on your own without consulting an expert.


Final Conclusion

A portable infrared sauna is quickly becoming one of the most popular health devices used in the home. These 3 top of the range portable saunas which are available online have all the features you need. You can now experience all the benefits of an infrared sauna along with great portability, without breaking the bank!

If you are interested in detoxing your body and experiencing all the other health benefits we mention above click here for the Best available Prices and any Discount.


3 Best Low EMF Portable Infrared Saunas For Detox & Health
3 Best Low EMF Portable Infrared Saunas For Detox & Health
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