How Does The Coleman Portable Hot Tub System Work?

The Coleman name is recognized around the world. It has represented fun, reliability, and convenience for over 100 years. It is the first name you think of in camping and outdoor recreation equipment. So when Coleman branded a portable hot tub, the market went wild.

Before Coleman developed an inflatable hot tub, the market saw portable hot tubs as the cheaper version of a ‘real’ non-portable hot tub. But the reliability of Coleman products, led a loyal market of those that trust the Coleman name to re-look at portable hot tubs.


A Closer Look At The Portable Hot Tub

The convenience, portability and reasonable cost of the Coleman portable hot tub opened up a market for those wanting a hot tub but could not afford a permanent one installed in their backyard. With a portable hot tub, you can install it anywhere and in minutes, not days or weeks.

There is no hiring of a contractor or excavation of your backyard necessary. No permanent spot or costly upkeep when you’re not using it. Merely drain it and deflate the hot tub and store it in a safe, dry spot in your tool shed or garage.

All portable hot tubs have these in common, jets, heater, filter and a pump.


Hydro-massage System

This spa comes with 120 bubble air jets that are powerful and feel just as good as a hard sided or permanent in-ground spa. This spa also holds up to 254 gallons of water, so it makes it the perfect jets to water comfort ratio for up to 6 people in the spa. These jets are strategically lined up on the bottom part of the tub to provide a perfect pampered spa experience.

This system allows a full exchange of water per hour of 320 gallons. So you get an even better idea of the flow of the system to cycle and filter that much water per hour, the system lacks nothing that you find in your conventional spas.


Rapid Heating System

The rapid heating system cycles and heats the entire tub and raises the heated water by 2 to 3 degrees each hour. This number is equal to if not even faster than the regular in ground hot tubs. Since the Coleman uses much less water than conventional size hot tubs, it also offers a more economical heating bill at the end of the month.

Another perk to such rapid heating is the fact that you don’t have to have the heater running all the time in the winter months just to stay ahead of the heating factor. Just simply turn it on a few hours before you want to get in and presto! Instant hot tub.

There is also the fact of draining this portable hot tub versus draining a fixed or below-ground hot tub. You will see a much lower water bill with your inflatable hot tub than you would see in the others.

No worries when it comes to making sure your hot tub is clean and safe, whenever the heating system is activated the integrated water filtration system comes on too. No remembering to turn on a separate system to keep your tub’s water in pristine condition. Caring for your inflatable hot tub will save you money over time.


Sturdy I-Beam Construction System

Made with Coleman’s TriTech 3-ply reinforced material and molded into an I-Beam construction, the sides and walls of the hot tub will withstand the user’s weight on the sides of the tub. So feel free to stand up and cool off a bit by sitting on the wall of the tub, just like you can do with the hard-sided fixed tubs or below ground tubs.

The secret to the incredible, yet light weight, material is the TriTech 3-ply that also features a polyester mesh core that is sandwiched between 2 layers of PVC and providing years of enjoyment and use. Remember, it is a Coleman hot tub, so you know they put a lot of research and quality into each of the Coleman products, so we are not surprised that this inflatable and portable hot tub would be anything less.

As if this was not enough to provide the perfect comfort in a hot tub, they have included a cushioned air pad for the floor of the tub. This very strong bubble wrap looking pad sits under the spa to also help prevent small protrusions from poking through the bottom of the spa. Since you will sit on the floor of the tub, just like your bathtub, this provides an even further amount of padding underneath you.


Digital Control Panel System

This can be considered the brains behind the brawn of the hot tub. We now understand how the tub is constructed and the more affordable side of owning a hot tub is found in this portable tub. But what makes the magic happen? It is the digital control panel.

Designed to be functional and handsome like all of the other Coleman products, this control panel is easy to read and use. The face of the panel has a locking panel, so you can be sure that it won’t get bumped and turned off. Once the panel is unlocked, you can operate all of the functions at the push of the button.

There you will have the options of start/stop and timer function that allows you to control the heating system. By activating the Lay-Z-Massage system, you can sit back and let the panel provide you with a relaxing spa all in the comfort of your backyard.


How Does The Coleman Portable Hot Tub System Work?
How Does The Coleman Portable Hot Tub System Work?
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