The Control Panel Features On The Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub

control panel on the Coleman inflatable spa

The control panel features an easy to use display, with a lock button that keeps little fingers or big elbows from resetting or changing the settings. Not that there are a lot of settings on the panel. There are only seven buttons in all.

One is the lock button, two are arrow buttons that raise or lower the heat. The other four are for temperature, massage, filtration and an optional Celsius and Fahrenheit setting.

The lock button will auto lockout after 5 minutes. To lock or unlock hold your finger down on the button for 3 seconds.


Easy To Set Up And Operate

When your package arrives, the first thing you will notice is that it is not a flimsy light blow up pool toy kind of plastic. It is made from the heavy duty TriTech reinforced plastic. You will find the entire unit that houses the control panel looks slightly reminiscent of R2D2 from the Star Wars movies.

This is the brains of the hot tub and does all the filtration, heating and pumping of the 120 jets of relaxing bubbles through the spa to massage away any stress or worries of the day.

You will also find the mat for placing under the spa and also an inflatable cover that is formidable when fully inflated and has locking clips to latch it down to the sides of the spa. This is an important piece and included with the spa. For some spas, this is an after market purchase. This cover will not only make for a sturdy lid and keep out the dust dirt and leaves but will keep the heat in and reduce your heating costs.

Because it is inflatable, the cover fully inflated is still light enough for one person to lift. No more wrestling with a heavy cover after you have spent your relaxing time in the spa.

According to some reviews, it is strong enough to stand on. However, the company warns that it is not a substitute for parental supervision if little ones are around.

Another nice feature of the portable control panel is that it sits near enough to the spa that you can reach out and adjust any of the features without having to get out of the tub.


120 Bubble Air Jets

The best way to unwind and relax after a long day is to hop in the hot tub and let the bubbles of 120 jets massage away the stress.

Ever get into a crowded, hot tub and try to find an open jet to lean against? Then you may not find one available to lean against at all. You just sit there feeling like a chicken cooking in the bubbly soup. No, but seriously having a jet or two to direct right at those sore, achy muscle spots is the reason you want to jump in a hot tub in the first place.

With 120 jets in your very own private hot tub, relaxing in your own backyard, it doesn’t get much better than that! If you are interested we have a full review of the portable hot tub made by Coleman.


Coleman lay-z-spa I-beam construction


I-Beam Construction

So what is I-Beam construction? Well, have you ever seen the tall buildings in the city being constructed story by story, the building blocks to those high rises are I-Beam, one of the strongest configuration in construction.

An I-Beam is much stronger than a regular beam of the same size and weight, and just like the name, it looks like a capital “I”. So when Coleman constructed the sides of the hot tub, they knew that the strongest configuration was the I-Beam.

This is of course made from plastic and sandwiched in layers of PVC, but this is what allows the side of the inflatable hot tub to be strong enough to have full grown adults sit on the top of the hot tub and not have it fold down on itself. Pretty clever right, but then Coleman has excelled in clever design products for over 100 years now.


Rapid Heating

This rapid heating system will quickly raise the temperature of the water up to 2 degrees higher per hour which is another amazing feat by Coleman. At 80% of capacity, or to the suggested fill lines, it holds 254 gallons of water or 963 liters which will comfortably bubble and jet the warm water over 6 adults easily.


Integrated Filtration System

Coleman again has provided the easiest way to keep your hot tub clean and free of bacteria and debris. It is the integrated water filtration system. They knew that more than the cover on the spa had to be provided.

This system flows through the two filters located at the bottom of the tub and will cycle through more than the 254 gallons of water an hour. Also, the filters are easily removable so you can pop them off and rinse them out and put them back in less than a few minutes.

This way your hot tub is always clean and ready to go!


Air Cushioned Ground Mat

Yet another feature that Coleman provided is an air cushion mat that you lay down on the ground or floor before inflating the tub. This way it not only protects and prevents most sharp object or pebbles that may be underneath from poking through, but it’s also a great insulation from the ground.

The ground can absorb the heat from the spa, resulting in higher heating bills. But since air is known as the very best insulator, the pad is made from what looks like bubble wrap on steroids. So a comfortable mat to sit on and a great insulator, great idea!

The Control Panel Features On The Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub
The Control Panel Features On The Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub
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