What Are The Facts About Far Infrared Heat Or FIR?

What is Far Infrared, or FIR? It is a type of electromagnetic radiation found in the infrared spectrum of light. However, it is not in the visible wavelengths of light. The electromagnetic radiation that reaches the earth from the sun has certain effects one every living organisms on the earth.

When we think of radiation, some may believe that all radiation is bad, but without light, there is no life. Some radiation is harmful, yet most radiation is unharmful and the core reason for life as we know it.



The Benefits Of FAR Infrared (Fir) Sauna Heat

Throughout this article we will refer to FIR which is short for Far Infrared. The sun is the natural form of FIR thermal energy. Just sitting in the sun was the best and only way our ancestors could take advantage of the benefits of FIR. As we all know though, the availability of the sun is seasonal, depending on where we live.

The benefits of Infrared radiation (FIR) have been known for thousands of years as an effective treatment for maladies and pain. FIR saunas are quickly becoming the ‘go to’ treatment for pain and better health. Modern technology has made FIR easier to use and more convenient, FIR can now be found in heat lamps, pads, mats and in clothes.


What Does It Feel Like?

Ever wonder why in the summertime we are comfortable indoors dressed in short sleeves and lightweight clothes, even though we have the thermostat set to 75-degrees? Yet take that same 75-degree temperature in the wintertime, and you will probably be more comfortable with a sweater or warmer clothes. The reason is FIR!

So, even though the air temperature is the same, the difference is the FIR waves that radiate through the walls and ceilings from the sun outside into our homes or offices. Our bodies absorb these invisible waves and we never even notice. It is also the reason for the way our bodies react to the seasonal changes too.

Ever hear of anyone say that their pain is worse in the winter, or the change of seasons has stirred up some aches and pains that we hadn’t noticed before. This is FIR waves demonstrating their therapeutic benefits. Body heat is another example of FIR. Couples that sleep together will receive and transmit FIR back and forth to each other. A pet is a cozy cuddle partner too. We all transmit FIR, but alone we do not receive it.

So what if now, that we are living in a time when technology is growing and advancing, we were able to bring in the FIR and apply it to our bodies whenever we need it? That day is today.


Is FIR Dangerous?

FIR is not an ultraviolet light, and you cannot get a sunburn from Far infrared light either. 50% of the energy generated by our body is FIR and is also the reason why the body responds to FIR treatment so well. They are also NOT microwaves and do not cause any type of cancers. In fact, in the 1980s several studies were conducted to prove its safety, and the efficacy of FIR and how it can help our bodies lose weight, lower high blood pressure, cure heart disease and relieve pain.


Interesting Facts About FIR

Due to the length of the FIR waves, which have the longest wavelength, longer than the Near Infrared and the Mid Infrared, they are able to penetrate the body and begin to heal from within your body, unlike other spot applied heat sources like heating pads or hot water bottles.

Since the wavelengths are able to reach down to the needed areas, the applications are endless, and this is able to happen all without overheating your body.

Certain things that naturally emit FIR are the warmth from the sun of course. Our bodies naturally make FIR, and we can emit this to others by the touch of our hands or by a hug. A study was done with Qi Gong Masters and found that the control which the masters have, they are able to emit this healing FIR through their hands and into others bodies. A healing touch just took on a whole new meaning!


How Does FIR Work To Heal?

Since FIR is absorbed quickly into the body, its application is growing in the medical field. It is being included as part of many detoxification programs by doctors and healthcare facilities all over the world. FIR therapy will leave you feeling energized yet relaxed, this application is finding a place in the mental healthcare area too.

They are finding that part of the Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is not entirely due to the changes in light, but rather the changes in FIR being emitted. Therapy using FIR is now gaining momentum in the mental healthcare field now for just this reason.


What Are The Facts About Far Infrared Heat Or FIR?
What Are The Facts About Far Infrared Heat Or FIR?
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