Why Is Filtered Water Better For Our Health Than Bottled Water?

Have you heard the expression don’t use your body as a water filter and wondered if it was true? Is it true that water can contain harmful contaminants that can cause health problems? If so what kind of water is best to drink? There are so many being sold in the grocery and big box stores under many brands and types.

There are Purified, Distilled, Spring and Filtered, bottled and distributed by companies that make soda primarily with the occasional exotic sounding name that comes from islands or a natural or protected source. It can really get confusing. Or is it better to drink filtered water from a machine in your own home?


What Is A Natural Or Protected Source?

Advertising makes the world go ’round, and the sale of bottled water is no different. This is a perfect example of consumer awareness. What sounds good, refreshing or healthier than the water next to it, other than the bottle colors, the shape of the bottle or the font is the claims of the best water on the shelf.

The term NATURAL can mean a lot of different things, and there really is no policing of the name or no laws broken if they claim their water is natural. After all, tap water is from a natural source, which may be directly rerouted from the nearest river, pond, well or subterranean water table. It is all natural, really water is the most natural resource that we have available today on a daily basis.

The term PROTECTED SOURCE can also mean substantially different things. Most have a vision of a protected source as a secluded oasis high in the pristine mountains. This unending oasis of water is fed by frozen glaciers year round and tapped by little men in monk outfits filling one bottle at a time.

When in reality the protected source is a wellhead surrounded by a tall chain linked fence that it opened daily to let a constant stream of diesel trunks into hall off thousands of gallons a day. And to pop your bubble even further, health regulations require these large tanker trucks to ozonate or chlorinate the tanks to control contaminates.


What The Different Types Of Water Really Mean


Purified Water

Purified water is by far the most popular type of water sold today. It is purer than the other types of water, but there are misconceptions with this label too. To call it purified, it must meet requirements that have lower levels of impurities than does spring water, just lower not eliminated levels.
This water may originate from either a spring or a groundwater source that is above or below ground surface. The processes that result in a purified label include some type of distillation, reverse osmosis or deionization. These extra steps make this the cleanest and purest water sold.

Distilled Water

Distilled water is made through a process of boiling out contaminants which will rid the water of organic materials, but not metallic salts and minerals. This water usually is not preferred to drink since it really has no taste. It is typically used in appliances like steam irons or jewelry cleaning machines or used in car batteries.

Spring Water

Spring water is not as pure as most may think. Spring water may contain as many contaminants as drilled well water or tap water. Since it is spring water the only criteria to calling it spring is that it comes from an underground source and not above ground. This is how the label of 100% Pure comes about, it is not referring to the absence of impurities.

Most spring water is not bottled at the source but rather trucked off to facilities to be bottled in another location. Tanker trucks that have to by law use chlorine or other chemicals to inhibit bacteria. Once this happens the difference between tap water and spring water fades.

Filtered Water

Filtered water is usually just tap water run through carbon filters, think water machine outside your local grocery store. So filtered water is not much different than spring water since it goes through filters and may have to be ozonated and then bottled.


Filtered Water For Your Dog?

If you are a pet owner that reads the package your dog’s food comes in, you may have seen that some are made with Filtered Water. If you have ever wondered why some companies list that and even display it on the front of the bag, it is because veterinarians are finding that animals are healthier, have fewer health problems, and live longer if they drink filtered water.

This includes making their food with filtered water. In fact, research is now showing that pets, especially dogs and cats that develop tumors, can benefit from drinking only filtered water. If pets are changed from tap water to filtered water, their tumors will actually begin to reduce in size and vanish entirely after months of exclusively drinking filtered water.

This may make one stop and think about ingesting tap water in our daily lives.


Is There Lead In Your Water?

In the case of Flint, Michigan, yes there is! It began in 2014 when the city’s efforts to cut budget costs made a fateful decision to switch from piping in expensive Detroit water to routing in the acidic river water of the Flint river. This caused the acid from this river water to corrode the lead water pipes and started the leaching of high levels of lead into the town’s drinking water.

The effect? Over 9,000 children were poisoned by lead. Lead can accumulate in the body, especially in children, to a toxic level and cause nerve damage and increase the risk of developing ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. In this extreme example, we can see how something so silent can cause great harm.

We recommend finding out from your local area authority if there are small traces of lead in your water.




The Health Benefits Of Filtered Water

According to a trusted medical website, we have at least 6 reasons to drink water for our health.

1. Body Fluids

Our bodies are made up of around 60% of water. Maintaining the correct fluid levels in our bodies is the first step in having good health. Without the proper fluids, we lose the ability to control body temperature, absorb nutrients, have good circulation and digestion.

2. Calories

If we choose water over a calorie filled drink, we are eliminating those empty calories. This is a good start for any dieter according to dietitians and doctors of weight loss. Also, choosing foods full of water will help fill us up.

3. Muscle Health

Anyone who has engaged in a vigorous sports or activity can attest to the fact that fluids are essential. The best way to steer clear of muscle fatigue is to hydrate before and after. In the absence of fluids, the body loses electrolytes, and the muscles will start to shrivel causing muscle pain and soreness.

4. Looking Good!

The skin is made up of plenty of water, so when dehydrated the skin looks more wrinkled and dry.

5. Normal Bowel Function

The colon pulls water from the stool to maintain proper function and when that hydration is missing it slows down the natural process and results in constipation. According to a leading Gastroenterologist, the perfect combination of fluid and fiber is the key to good health and assures a lower risk for colon cancer.

6. Good Kidney Health

One of the bodies main way it rids toxins is through the kidneys. When the body is adequately hydrated, it allows the significant toxins in the body, which is blood urea nitrogen, to flow out of the body properly. Make sure your urine flows freely and is light in color. If you don’t give your body enough fluid the risk for kidney stones may be higher.

The significant health benefits of water really do make it worth making sure your source of water is clean and pure. Check with the local health department near you to find out how to test your tap water. Be a proactive consumer and take a few minutes to find out how clean your water is and the steps you may need to make to assure you and your family are safe and healthy.

7. Helps Detox Your Body From Toxins

We highly recommend filtered water to help detox your system from those nasty toxins we breath in every day. If you like using an infrared sauna to help detox your body we also recommend drinking filtered water during your infrared sauna session.

Why Is Filtered Water Better For Our Health Than Bottled Water?
Why Is Filtered Water Better For Our Health Than Bottled Water?
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