How Do The Heating Panels Work In A Portable Infrared Sauna?

The unique heating panels for a portable infrared sauna are designed for optimal comfort, ease of setting up and use, and energy efficiency. Just as effective as a full-size sauna, these panels heat up in 5 minutes, which means the heating panels heat up much quicker than with a steam sauna which will take over an hour to fully heat up.

Portable saunas only fit one person, but that is the only difference between these convenient saunas and a commercial sauna. And the benefits are that this is your personal sauna, to use in the comfort of your own home. No sharing it with countless other strangers at your local gym or health spa.


Why Are Panels Made Of Tourmaline Crystals Better For Your Health?

Tourmaline is a semi-precious mineral that has long been associated with beauty and healing powers. Thought to be magical in ancient times, tourmaline is now known to have the ability to produce an electrical charge and emit negative ions along with far infrared rays (FIR). These features are the perfect trifecta of valuable properties build into a FIR portable sauna.

The thin tourmaline panels provide fast heating and a very low EMF output. Ideal for a portable infrared sauna, these panels come covered with a quilted heat protective pouch that keeps the panel from ever coming into contact with you.


What Is An ELF?

Extremely low frequency or (ELF) radiation is a measured amount of electromagnet frequency (EMF) energy. The standard threshold of EMF that will cause concern for health issues is over 1,000 mV. Also, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the accepted exposure to EMF should not be higher than 3 milligauss.

We have exposure to EMF daily at our home or office, but usually within these limits. A low level of EMF would be around 200 mV. This all adds up to between 200-600 times lower than any other FIR Carbon sauna heating panel being sold today.

Typically any electrical source will emit some level of EMF, so having a unit to heat your portable sauna with ELF only adds to the many benefits of a portable infrared sauna. It is important to know that each person’s level of acceptable EMF is reliant on the makeup of their body chemistry such as a having a higher level of salt for example.


What To Expect When Opening Up Your Portable Infrared Sauna

The entire product will weigh 20 to 25 pounds, this includes the heating panels and the folding chair. Because a portable infrared sauna is not a built-in sauna, it will not take up permanent room nor will you have to wait for a construction crew to come assemble it and add all of the permanent fixtures.

From the box to enjoying a full body sauna will just take the time to assemble it in the most convenient spot in your home. Just think, no more fighting traffic coming home from your sauna session. Just simply step out of your comfortable sauna and into your private shower in your own home.

After your sauna is cooled down, you can just fold it back up, along with the comfortable folding sports canvas chair and store it away under the bed or in a closet until next time.


What Does It Come With?

The sauna includes two soft terry cloth neck collars that are washable and that easily zips on and off. You will have a handy outside storage pocket to keep your remote control in, which is also handy to store your television remote in as well.

A short warm-up time of your sauna will mean that the costs to run your sauna session will be more economical on your electric bill. Your core temperature will rise quickly with the three heaters that are technically advanced to emit long FIR waves right to your body core, so you begin feeling the benefits right away.

The thin tourmaline panels will aid in conducting the wavelengths and begin a super detox like only a tourmaline semi-precious gem can do. Another benefit of tourmaline is its ability to emit negative ions. Negative ions bring the peaceful feelings after a rainstorm and help in relaxation. Salt lamps are trendy now to use in the bedroom to help with a peaceful nights sleep, their main benefit is producing negative ions into the room.


Is The Sauna Easy To Use?

The design of the sauna will let you have your head out of the unit, resting on the soft terry cloth neck cover, and your hands will also be able to extend out of the unit to make reading, listening to music or watching TV during your sauna, very easy and relaxing to do.

And remember, while you are relaxing and enjoying your portable infrared sauna, you are actually getting a workout! Research shows that 10 minutes of a FIR sauna is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging or intense workout with an exhaustive sweat. The core heat is accelerating your metabolism and your heart-rate, thereby giving you a workout, without the workout.


Medical Advances In Understanding FIR

The use of a FIR dry sauna is reveling health benefits and just scratching the surface of the many possible therapies applied to modern ailments. Surprising discoveries about how this type of treatment is helping those with illnesses like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), chronic pain, fibromyalgia, depression, heart disease and chronic fatigue syndrome.

A recent clinical trial has confirmed that FIR therapy is safe to use and very effective. A conclusion of a 5-year follow-up study shows that a twice-weekly FIR therapy session decreases mortality rate and hospitalizations. This promising non-pharmacological therapy is saving lives of patients with heart failure by decreasing the cardiac size and improving heart function.

More studies are showing another 5-year research with new groundbreaking results in the area of Thermal Oncology. Since the application of FIR will reduce and rid cells poisoned with heavy metals and toxicity, hope for cancer patients and their full recovery into remission is being linked to this new unorthodox treatment.


What Should I Know Before Buying?

Infrared is different than convection, Infrared warms objects, and convection heats the air, think of convection ovens. Infrared should not be confused with microwaves or ultraviolet light. Infrared is a long wavelength and warms you from the core out. There are 3 types of infrared waves, near infrared, mid infrared and far infrared. Far infrared is the safest and really should be the only kind available in a portable sauna to bring you the safest and greatest health benefits.

All life depends on the natural source of infrared, namely the sun. Infrared waves will differ during the time of the year so having access to an infrared heat source for pain, discomfort or depression will bring continued good health.

Not all FIR portable saunas are alike. Make sure you get one that emits a low magnetic frequency, namely a tourmaline heat source. Tourmaline is also proven to be the best choice for detoxification in a sauna because of the innate properties.

The best place to shop, research and buy your FIR portable infrared sauna is online. Make sure you purchase from a company that will provide you easy returns, and a site that you can find answers to any questions.


How Do The Heating Panels Work In A Portable Infrared Sauna?
How Do The Heating Panels Work In A Portable Infrared Sauna?
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