Is Tap Water Ok? Or Should You Consider Drink Filtered Water?

Just stating the fact that tap water is ok for you to drink can depend on many things. Where you live, what laws are in place for public water treatments, and even what kind of water pipes bring you the water. Is it more than the taste of the water that should dissuade us from drinking water right from the tap?

Most tap water is treated to kill harmful microorganisms and bacteria. Depending on the area where you live, either farm, city or country a host of elements will filter through the ground into the water tables and carry different elements into the water.


What’s In Tap Water?

Tap water can contain many elements both useful and harmful. This depends on the area of the world that your water comes from and what treatments are in place and how your local water is delivered. A big fear in almost every corner of the world is drinking contaminated water. In third world countries, contaminated water has been known to kill entire villages.

Water is our existence, and life is not possible without water. Water should be our biggest concern and what is harbored in our water, in our areas should be of great interest. Yet, few people even know where their tap water comes from or how it is filtered. Most of us just turn on the tap and trust that we are drinking safe water.

But according to the standards for drinking water in our areas, we may be drinking contaminates like hormones, lead, pesticides, metals or bacteria. While most developed regions have strict guidelines for ‘allowable’ contaminants and particles per billion, do we really want our bodies to be a human filter?


Is It For More Than Taste?

Sometimes just getting the taste and smell of tap water past our lips and nose is a challenge. We all know how vital drinking pure, clean water every day is, but if the water tastes terrible, then we will end up avoiding it as much as possible.

So many people will buy bottled water because the taste is better. But are we really getting better water? Studies have shown that around 30% of all bottled water is nothing more than tap water. Also, a fascinating fact is that regulations for the manufacturers of bottled water are much less restrictive than those for tap water.

So just because we buy water from the store, in a bottle, doesn’t mean that we are getting better water than just turning on the tap. A good rule of thumb is to read the label or visit the website for the manufacturer that bottles the water. If it doesn’t say how the water is filtered or bottled, chances are it is just plain old tap water in a bottle.


Filtered Water Verses Purified Water

Filtered water is what you buy in the grocery stores. This is mostly sourced from municipal tap water and should be already filtered through carbon filters to remove the chlorine. Removing the chlorine will make it taste better, but that is where it ends. The restrictions for filtered bottled water end there.

Filtered water, depending on the type of filtration system that is used, may still contain contaminants of metal salts, pesticides, and hormones.

Purified water can also be found in bottles but is held to a higher standard than filtered water. The legal definition of purified water is that impurities have to be removed or lowered to extremely low levels. Purified water is usually put through additional processes like a deionization, reverse osmosis or some other type of distillation process.

There are a few other types of water found bottled. Distilled water which is brought to a high temperature to kill the organic particles but will not melt out metal contaminants. There is also Spring water with is usually labeled as 100% pure water. However, this label refers to the source of the water itself and NOT to the absence of contaminants or impurities that are present in the water.

Buyer beware, what is allowed on the label may sound good but may be misleading. A pure source or a natural source of water may still mean tap water. And the phrase “water from a protected source” may only be a fence around a well.

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Is Tap Water Ok? Or Should You Consider Drink Filtered Water?
Is Tap Water Ok? Or Should You Consider Drink Filtered Water?
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