Why Are Portable Infrared Saunas Better Than Other Saunas?

A portable Infrared Sauna is simply better because it is an investment in your health. What better way to invest in your health on a consistent basis, but to have a sauna right in your own home.

The benefits of saunas have been proven over hundreds of years but the scientific proof is here now, and we have documented evidence that saunas are just plain good for us, really good for us!

In this article, we will consider some of the many benefits of taking a sauna on a regular basis. And having your own private, clean and convenient home portable infrared sauna seems to be a no-brainer for the best path to good health.



What Are Some Benefits?

The wavelengths of the infrared light penetrate the body and provide amazing therapeutic benefits. Widely used by therapists and doctors of sports medicine to aid in healing sports injuries, arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

The science behind the healing effects is to the increase in blood flow to the muscles. This reduces pain and inflammation to joints and muscles and will aid in the flexibility of your entire body. That is in the short term relief, however, in the long run by improving flexibility we avoid injuries from accidents like falling or not being as mobile as we used to be.


Immune System Response

It is pretty clear to even the untrained medical layman that the immune response system is the number one most important system to keep in working order. Without our immune system to protect us against the bombardment that our bodies take every day in our environment we are open to infection, viruses, and eventually diseases.

Some schools of thought attribute a low body temperature with thyroid imbalance and chronic inflammatory diseases. With a consistent use of an infrared sauna, you are not only jump-starting your immune system you may be instrumental in killing bacterial and fungal infections inside your body. The infrared light and parasites and other foreign organisms can’t live in the infrared lights and die.


Portable Infrared Sauna Boosts Your Metabolism

Our metabolism gone wrong is the reason our bodies overreact to food, medicines, the environment and experience elevated pain levels in general. When our metabolism is out of sync, our whole lives can be turned upside-down. You know the biggest suggestion your doctor will advise you is to get some exercise, some good cardio to jump start your metabolism for good health even if it is not to lose weight.

Infrared saunas are shown to clinically support cardio and metabolism and bring benefits as if you were working out. The secret to the sauna is in one session can equal a 5 to 8 mile run. Just think of the great shape you would be in if you could run that many miles a day, maybe you even used to before either your schedule or pain prevented you from keeping up that pace of activity. But now you can right in your own home, in your private sauna.


Great For Detoxification

Here’s a big one that gets lots of attention from everyone from Hollywood to your own doctor. But even after the hype about drink this or only eat this for a week straight, we know that the truth is we are bombarded by toxins and heavy metals every day of our lives. Phthalates and pesticides, the metals in things we come into contact with like gasoline, chemicals, foods that may be grown in the wrong type of soils, the air that we breathe all add up and collect in our bodies.

For thousands of years, sweating it out has been the prescription for good health. Now science is proving that we can sweat out these toxins and metals by regularly sweating in an infrared sauna. It comes out through our pores, through our skin and purges our bodies.

The best state our bodies can be in to purge this out efficiently is if you are relaxing and working out at the same time. Impossible to do? Not with a sauna. When we are in a parasympathetic state of calmness or sleep our bodies will release and eliminate the toxins from the nervous system, an added bonus and to completely detox would be to sweat, and sweat like we are working out.

So the sauna will provide both of these aids for the body. Making it sweat like it is working out while keeping it in the proper state of relaxation to release the toxins. Fantastic right?


Improves Heart Health

If you are having concerns about your blood pressure, ask your doctor first, studies are now showing that taking a sauna 3 times a week, for 20 to 30 minutes can reduce the diastolic and systolic blood pressure count. Studies also show that the sauna not only increases blood flow to the heart but it improves cardiac function and in chronic heart failure patients is indicating a decrease in the size of an enlarged heart.


Great For Your Skin

No surprise that infrared saunas will help your skin, just the feeling your skin has after you step out and shower off, you feel like your walking around in new skin. But other than making your skin feel nicer, are there any real proven benefits from an infrared sauna? Yes, and medical studies are revealing just how much more.

Since the skin is the biggest organ in our body, it makes sense that a huge benefit would also come to our skin. It improves firmness and elasticity because of the increase in blood flow. It will actually reduce cellulite, again because of the increase in circulation which also speeds in healing wounds.

Some have even reported scars healing in just a few months. It also purges acne and more than that it may actually kill the acne bacteria deep inside the skin. Certain tissues will also show regeneration and improvement, and it will increase the effectiveness of skin treatments at your skin care spa. This will result in younger looking skin and blemishes not to mention plumping up the dermis layer to reduce wrinkles.


Why Are Portable Infrared Saunas Better Than Other Saunas?
Why Are Portable Infrared Saunas Better Than Other Saunas?
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